Producer price index (PPI):生产物价指数

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC):政府间气候变化专门委员会

Cap and trade:总量控制和排放交易

Middle income trap:中等收入陷阱

Electoral College:总统选举团(在美国由各州选民投票推选组成,集中在一起选举总统和副总统)

Glass ceiling:无形顶障(虽无明文规定却实际存在的对妇女等在职务升迁上的无形限制)

Engle coefficient:恩格尔系数

停火协议:cease-fire agreement

摇摆州:swing states

单位国内生产总值能源消耗:energy consumption per unit of GDP

扩大内需:expand domestic demand

高速铁路:high speed rail

转变经济发展方式:the transformation of the pattern of economic development

资源节约型、环境友好型社会:resource- saving and environment-friendly society

循环经济:cyclic economy; recycling economy


As China’s economy has boomed over the past 30 years, the number of young people going into private business has grown accordingly. “Diving into the sea” of commerce, or xia hai as it is known, became accepted as the way to make money and get ahead, and interest in government jobs declined. Over the past decade, though, in an extraordinary reversal, young jobseekers have been applying in droves for government posts, even as the economy has quadrupled in size.

On November 25th the national civil-service examinations will take place, and about 1.4m people will sit them, 20 times more than a decade ago. Of that number, only 20,800 will be hired by government (millions more sit the equivalent provincial exams with similarly long odds of being hired). This increase is due in part to a surge in the number of university students entering an intensely competitive market for jobs—nearly 7m graduated this year, compared with 1.5m a decade ago. It is also thanks to health, pension and (sometimes) housing benefits, which are seen as generous and permanent in a society with an underfunded safety net—a modern version of the unbreakable Maoist “iron rice-bowl” of state employment.


China has long fretted that it lacks a great modern literary voice with international appeal. In 1917 Chen Duxiu, an influential intellectual and later founding member of the Communist Party, asked: “Pray, where is our Chinese Hugo, Zola, Goethe, Hauptmann, Dickens or Wilde?” In recent years this has developed into a full-blown “Nobel complex”. For a period in the 1980s the quest for a Nobel Prize in literature was made official policy by the party, eager for validation of its growing power and cultural clout.

Now, at last, the Chinese have something to crow about. On October 11th Mo Yan, a Chinese writer, won the 2012 prize. The Nobel committee lauded what it called the “hallucinatory realism” of his works, which mix surreal plots with folk tales and modern history.

Mr Mo writes within a system of state censorship. He is widely read and respected within China. He is also a Communist Party member and vice-chairman of the state-run China Writers’ Association. When the Nobel award was announced, Chinese television channels interrupted their programming to announce the news. Thousands of China’s microbloggers congratulated Mr Mo. A publisher under the Ministry of Education says it was already planning to include a Mo Yan novella in a school textbook.


欧洲应对欧债问题走在正确的道路上,当前关键是把各项政策措施落到实 处。有关国家应坚持财政整顿和结构改革的行动,巩固和扩大成效,提振各方面 的信心。欧盟各国要同舟共济,形成合力,明确传递出坚决捍卫欧元和欧洲一体 化成果的信号。国际社会应当更有力地支持欧方做出的种种努力,相信一个拥有 雄厚经济基础和科技实力的欧洲,一定有能力、有智慧妥善应对欧债问题,焕发 出新的生机与活力。


40年前,中美两国老一辈领导人用“跨越太平洋的握手”开启了中美关系 的大门,开始探索不同社会制度、历史文化、发展阶段大国的相处之道。40年 来,中美关系发展的广度和深度,远远超过了当年人们的想象。

中美合作将给两国和世界带来巨大机遇,中美对抗将给两国和世界带来巨大 损害。无论国际风云如何变幻,无论中美两国国内情况如何发展,双方都应该坚 定推进合作伙伴关系建设,努力发展让两国人民放心、让各国人民安心的新型大 国关系。

中国唐代诗人韩愈有两句诗:“草木知春不久归,百般红紫斗芳菲。”意思是 时不我待,必须奋发进取。中美关系正面临进一步发展的机遇,同时也面临新的 挑战。让我们抓住机遇,排除干扰,共同努力,走出一条相互尊重、合作共赢的 新型大国关系之路。



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