Section 1 English-Chinese Translation (50 points)

Translate the following two passages into Chinese.

Passage 1

Jane Goodall was already on a London dock in March 1957 when she realized that her passport was missing. In just a few hours, she was due to depart on her first trip to Africa. A school friend had moved to a farm outside Nairobi and, knowing Goodall’s childhood dream was to live among the African wildlife, invited her to stay with the family for a while. Goodall, then 22, saved for two years to pay for her passage to Kenya: waitressing, doing secretarial work, temping at the post office in her hometown, Bournemouth, on England’s southern coast. Now all this was for naught, it seemed. 继续阅读CATTI英语笔译实务(2级)2016年5月考试真题及答案



Section 1: English-Chinese Translation (50 points)

Old people in Widou Thiengoly say they can remember when there were so many trees that you couldn’t see the sky.Now, miles of reddish-brown sand surround this village in northwestern Senegal, dotted with occasional bushes and trees. Dried animal dung is scattered everywhere, but hardly any dried grass is.  继续阅读CATTI英语笔译实务(3级)2016年5月考试真题与答案



 I. Directions: Translate the following words, abbreviations or terminology into their target language respectively.(30 points)

1. CPPCC:中国人民政治协商会议(Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference)

2. ASEAN: 东南亚国家联盟(东盟)(Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

3. UESTC:电子科技大学(University of Electronic Science and Technology of China) 继续阅读电子科技大学2016年翻译硕士MTI真题及答案



Part One. Term or Phrase Translation (30 points)

A. Translate the following into Chinese. (15 points)

1.依宪治国:governance of the country on the basis of its constitutionexercise; governance of the country based on the Constitution

2.中国共产党十八届四中全会 :the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

3.中日甲午战争120周年纪念: 120th anniversary of the First Sino-Japanese War. 继续阅读苏州大学2015年翻译硕士MTI真题及答案


Part A Terminology and phrase translation

Section One: Translate the following translation-related terms into Chinese (15 points, 1 point each)

WHO:世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)

IOC:国际奥委会(International Olympic Committee)

IPR:知识产权(intellectual property rights)



I. Directions: Translate the following words, phrases,abbreviations or idioms into their target language respectively. There are altogether 30 items in this part of the test,15 in English and 15 in Chinese,with one point for each. (30‘)

1. the Oriental and Occidental languages

2. a transnational corporation based in New York

3. Red Star Over China 继续阅读大连海事大学2013年翻译硕士MTI真题与答案



I. Directions: Translate the following words, phrases, abbreviations or terminology into their target language respectively. There are altogether 30 items in this part of the test, 15 in English and 15 in Chinese, with one point for each. (30’)

1, Pride and Prejudice

2. criteria of translation

3.  Financial Times 继续阅读大连海事大学2012年翻译硕士MTI真题与答案