I.  Directions: Translate the following words, abbreviations or terminology into their target language respectively.  (30′)

1.IMO:国际海事组织(International Maritime Organization)

2.CPI:居民消费价格指数(Consumer Price Index)

3.UNCF:联合国儿童基金会(United Nations Children’s Fund) 

4.OECD:经济合作与发展组织(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)

5.ASEAN:东南亚国家联盟(Association of South East Asian Nations);东盟

6.OAU:非洲统一组织(Organization of African Unity)

7.APEC:亚太经济合作组织(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)

8.AFTA:东盟自由贸易区(ASEAN Free Trade Area)

9.GPA:政府采购协定(Government Procurement Agreement)

10.to ramp up diplomatic engagement:加强外交接触

11. 100000 strong Initiative:十万人留学中国计划 (奥巴马总统于2009年访华时宣布该计划,目标是到2014年争取让10万美国青年人去中国留学)

12.a public-private partnership:公私合作关系

13.to foster new bright spots of Asian cooperation:培育亚洲合作新亮点

14.to increase strategic trust:增进战略互信

15.bilateral trade deficit:双边贸易逆差

16.加强ZF间的磋商合作:strengthen inter-governmental consultation and coordination

17.坚持“ZF引导,企业主体,市场运作,互利共赢”的方针:a government-guided, business-led and market-driven approach for win-win progress

18.减少可吸入颗粒: reducing particulate matter (PM10) pollution; decrease inhalable particulate matter

19.原油价飙升: crude oil prices surge

20.传销: pyramid selling; pyramid scheme

21.虚拟经济: virtual economy

22.法定准备金率: ratio of reserve requirement; Required deposit reserve ratio; Legal Reserve Ratio

23.上市子公司: listed subsidiary

24.土豪: rich rednecks;Beverly Hillbillies;upstart;rural rich;local tyrant; local lord

25.养老保险:endowment insurance;pension insurance

26.中国创业板:China Growth Enterprise Market

27.社会媒体和大数据迁移研究: research in social media and big data transfer

28.主要经济指标:major economic indicator ; leading economic indicator

29.产权多元化:Multiple property right;ownership diversification; the diversification of property rights

30.建立定制的信息提取和过滤系统: establishing a customised information extraction and filtering system

II. Directions: Translate the following two source texts into their target language respectively. (120 ‘)

Source Text 1:

BEAUTY, the saying has it, is only skin deep. Not true. Skin is important (the cosmetics industry proves that). But so is what lies under it. In particular, the shape of people’s faces, determined by their bone structure, contributes enormously to how beautiful they are. And, since the ultimate point of beauty is to signal who is a good prospect as a mate, what makes a face beautiful is not only an aesthetic matter but also a biological one. How those bone structures arise, and how they communicate desirable traits, are big evolutionary questions.

Until now, experiments to try to determine the biological basis of beauty have been of the please-look-at-these-photographs-and-answer-some-questions variety. Some useful and not necessarily obvious results have emerged, such as that one determinant of beauty is facial symmetry.

But what would really help is a breeding experiment which allowed the shapes of faces to be followed across the generations to see how those shapes relate to variations in things that might be desirable in a mate. These might include fertility, fecundity, social status, present health, and likely resistance to future infection and infestation. Correlations between many of these phenomena and attributes of the body-beautiful have, indeed, been established. But in a pair-forming, highly social species such as Homo sapiens, you also have to live with your co-child-raiser or, at least, collaborate with him or her. So other things may be important in a mate, too, such as an even temper and a friendly outlook.

It would be impossible to do such a breeding experiment on people, of course. But as Irene Elia, a biological anthropologist at Cambridge, realised, it has in fact been done, for the past five decades, on a different species of animal. Dr Elia has published her analysis of this experiment in the Quarterly Review of Biology. The animals in question are foxes.





Source Text 2:


中国将始终不渝奉行互利共赢的开放战略,通过深化合作促进世界经济强劲、可持续、平衡增长。中国致力于缩小南北差距,支持发展中国家增强自主发展能力。中国将加强同主要经济体宏观经济政策协调,通过协商妥善解决经贸摩擦。中国坚持权利和义务相平衡,积极参与全球经济治理,推动贸易和投资自由化便利化,反对各种形式的保护主义。(本文选自中共十八大报告 Mtizt.com注)

参考译文:China will unswervingly follow the path of peaceful development and firmly pursue an independent foreign policy of peace. We are firm in our resolve to uphold China’s sovereignty, security and development interests and will never yield to any outside pressure. We will decide our position and policy on an issue on its own merits and work to uphold fairness and justice. China is committed to peaceful settlement of international disputes and hotspot issues, opposes the wanton use of force or threat to use it, opposes any foreign attempt to subvert the legitimate government of any other countries, and opposes terrorism in all its manifestations. China opposes hegemonism and power politics in all their forms, does not interfere in other countries’ internal affairs and will never seek hegemony or engage in expansion. China will continue to keep in mind both the interests of the Chinese people and the common interests of the people of all countries, get more actively involved in international affairs, play its due role of a major responsible country, and work jointly with other countries to meet global challenges.

China will unwaveringly follow a win-win strategy of opening up and promote robust, sustainable and balanced growth of the global economy through increased cooperation. We are committed to narrowing the North-South gap and supporting other developing countries in enhancing their capacity for self-development. China will strengthen coordination with other major economies on macroeconomic policy and resolve economic and trade frictions with other countries through consultation. China upholds the principle of balancing rights with obligations. We will take an active part in global economic governance, promote and facilitate free trade and investment, and oppose protectionism in all its forms.



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