I. Directions: Translate the following words, abbreviartions or terminology into their target language respectively.  (30′)

1. EQ:情商(Emotional Quotient)

2. IAEA:国际原子能机构(International Atomic Energy Agency)

3. HDTV:高清电视;高清晰度数字电视(High Definition Tele Vision)

4. NMD:国家导弹防御系统(National Missile Defense)

5. CBD:中央商务区(Central Business District);交货前付款(cash before delivery)

6. API (Air Pollution Index):空气污染指数

7. OA .(Office Automation):办公自动化

8. VOD.(Video on Demand):视频点播

9. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development:联合国贸易与发展会议

10. North American Free Trade Area:北美自由贸易区

11. Consumer goods:生活消费品

12. endangered animal species:濒危动物物种

13. genetic engineering:遗传工程

14. sewage treatment plants:污水处理厂

15. trade surplus:贸易顺差

16.NGO(non-governmental organization):非政府组织

17.software development:软件开发

18.wildlife conservation:野生生物保护

19.mineral resources:矿产资源

20.wholesale price:批发价

21.transfer of technology:技术转让

22. overheated economy:经济过热;过热的经济

23. foreign reserve:外汇储备

24. birth control:计划生育;节育

25. triangle-debts: 三角债

26. purchasing power:购买力

27. tariff:关税

28. economic leverage:经济杠杆

29. macro-control:宏观调控

30. International Standardization:国际标准化

II. Directions: Translate the following two source texts into their target language respectively. (120 ‘)

Source Text 1:

Unintended consequences can be a byproduct of sweeping change. When Henry Ford invented the automobile, the world was transformed by its speed and convenience. Few people, if any, considered what millions of automobiles might mean for the world‘s energy supply and climate a century down the road. Similarly, with the proliferation of the personal computer, businesses and consumers quickly realized the cost and time-saving benefits of the Internet, e-mail and high-speed broadband. Information technology transformed the information age, and global commerce, by making it dramatically easier to manage information, communicate, perform research, play and shop.

Nowhere is this more evident than in our nation’s efforts to reduce energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions. The days when businesses could send a product into the marketplace without first considering how it might impact the environment are over. Dell was founded with the vision that customers could be best served through direct relationships. Twenty-three years later, the direct relationship, now a cornerstone of many global companies, can be one of our most valuable tools in collective efforts to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment.

The ever-accelerating pace of innovation has created the need for manufacturers to look at, and deal with, the entire lifecycle of the technology they create. We also should make a commitment to maintain responsibility throughout a product‘s entire lifecycle. This starts with design and ends when the product is no longer wanted. We should then recover it and provide updates on our progress. Global industry has been a catalyst for innovation and opportunity since the early days of the industrial revolution. More than two centuries later, the same entrepreneurial spirit and competition that led to the automobile and personal computer can bring new environmental-friendly ventures.

参考译文:势不可挡的变化可能带来意想不到的后果。亨利福特发明了汽车,整个世界被它的快速和便捷改变。当时很少有人考虑100年后千百万辆汽车对于全球能源供应和气候意味看什么。同样的,随着着个人电庭的普及,企业以及消费者很快便意识到互联网、电子邮件和高速宽带拥有成本低及耗时少的优点。由于极大地简化了信息管理、沟通交流、科学研究及商店经营,信息技术改变了信息时代以 及全球商务。


创新的步伐不断加快,生产商不仅需要正视并为其所创科技的整个生命周期负责,还需要承诺为一个产 品的整个生命周期负责。此周期从产品的设计开始到人们不再需要它为止。然后,我们需要挽救产品 并提供进程的实时更新。从工业革命早期开始,全球工业就一直是创新和机遇的催化剂。200多年后的今天,促成汽车和个人电脑发明的那种创业精神和竞争意识同样能催生新一代环保型企业。

Source Text 2:


参考译文:I cherish a particular affection for Peking University Library—an affection that has hidden deep in my heart without my knowledge. Therefore, recently when the curator asked me to write an article on the library, I readily agreed without any hesitation. Nevertheless, immediately afterwards, I felt a bit surprised at the rash promise I had made, for, with already too many irons in the fire, I could hardly have time to spare. What had made me give the promise? Could I have done that had it not been for my deep-seated affection for the University library?As one of the highest institutes of learning in the country, Peking University has a long history of revolutionary patriotism as well as an academic tradition of seeking truth from facts. All that is praise-worthy. However, in my opinion, a first rate university should have facilities, library, teaching staff, scholars and administration of the best quality.


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