I. Translation of terms or phrases ( 30 )

A.Translate the following English terms and phrases into Chinese (15 ):

CAD:计算机辅助设计(Computer – Aided Design)

GPS:全球定位系统(Global Position System)

UNESCO :联合国教科文组织(United Nations Educational,Scientific,and Cultural Organization)

TMD:战区导弹防御系统(Theater Missile Defense)

WHO:世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)

Desert Storm syndrome:(= Gulf War Syndrome)海湾战争综合症

Group of 77:七十七国集团(77个发展中国家于1964年成立,现会员国已增至一百多个国家和地区,但仍沿用旧名)

Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons:不扩散核武器条约

bird flu:禽流感

Paradise Lost:失乐园 (弥尔顿撰写的神话史诗)

Red Star Over China:《红星照耀中国》,是世界上第一本忠实描绘红色中国的著作

The New York Times:纽约时报(报纸名)

Lost in Translation:迷失东京(电影名称)


Reuters News Agency:路透社

B.TransIatc the following Chinese terms and phrases into English (15 ):

民盟:China Democratic League

国家计委:SDPC ( State Development Planning Commission )

民革:Chinese Revolutionary Nationist Party

南航:China Southern Airlines

非物质文化遗产: intangible cultural heritage

个体工商户:Individual Business; privately or individually-owned business

苏州古典园林:Classical Gardens of Suzhou

农村合作医疗:rural cooperative medical service

五代十国:the period of five Dynasties and Ten Reigns;ten countries during the periods of five dynasties

鸦片战争:The Opium War

社会保障体系:social security system; social safety net

涉外经济体制:regulatory mechanism governing external economic relations

综合国力:comprehensive national strength ; comprehensive national power

基础群众自治制度:the system of community-level self-governance;

限价商品房:commercial housing with price ceilings

II. English-Chinese Translation(60)

Passage One (30)

No one doubts that the words we write or speak are an expression of our inner thoughts and personalities. But beyond the meaningful content of language, a wealth of unique insights into an author’s mind are hidden in the style of a text—in such elements as how often certain words and word categories are used, regardless of context.

It is how an author expresses his or her thoughts that reveals character, asserts social psychologist James W. Pennebaker of the University of Texas at Austin. When people try to present themselves a certain way, they tend to select what they think are appropriate nouns and verbs, but they are unlikely to control their use of articles and pronouns. These small words create the style of a text, which is less subject to conscious manipulation.

Pennebaker’s statistical analyses have shown that these small words may hint at the healing progress of patients and give us insight into the personalities and changing ideals of public figures, from political candidates to terrorists. “Virtually no one in psychology has realized that low-level words can give clues to large-scale behaviors,” says Pennebaker, who, with colleagues, developed a computer program that analyzes text, called Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC, pronounced “Luke”).(选自scientificamerican mtizt.com注)


Passage Two (30)

Springs are not always the same. In some years, April bursts upon our Virginia hills in one prodigious leapand all the stage is filled at once, whole choruses of tulips, arabesques of forsythia, cadenzas of flowering plum. The trees grow leaves overnight.

In other years, spring tiptoes in. It pauses, overcome by shyness, like my grandchild at the door, peeping in, ducking out of sight, giggling in the hallway. “ I know you’re out there,” I cry. “ Come in! ” And April slips into our arms.

The dogwood bud, pale green, is inlaid with russet markings. Within the perfect cup a score of clustered seeds are nestled. One examines the bud in awe: Where were those seeds a month ago? The apples display their milliner’s scraps of ivory silk, rose-tinged. All the sleeping things wake up—primrose, baby iris, blue phlox. The earth warms—you can smell it,feel it,crumble April in your hands. (James J. Kilpatrick)


III. Chinese-English Translation(60)

龙从一开始就被人们赋予多种神格,既是雨神,又是雷神,既是云神,又是风神。为太阳 拉车的是六条巨龙,是日神的骖乘。北方的烛龙是光明之神,南方的应龙曾协助远古的大禹治 水,还帮大禹作战,是水神兼战神。东海的夔龙司职音乐,青龙是方位神,与天文有关。相传 龙生九子,各有所好,涉及音乐、体育、法律、建筑、宗教等诸领域。可见龙是多功能神抵, 除了不管婚姻、爱情,几乎处处有灵。人们祈求风调雨顺,扎应龙之状以通神。舞龙的初衷就 是祈求丰收。古时吴越(长江中下游)渔民断发文身,就是为了让龙神视为已类不加伤害,赛 龙正是为了娱神以求保佑。(选自 杨臻-龙年话龙)




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