I. Directions: Translate the following words, abbreviations or terminology into their target language respectively. There are altogether 30 items in this part of the test, 15 in English and 15 in Chinese, with one point for each. (30′)





5.Trojan horse (a term of computer science)

6. thermometer


8. bandwidth

9. medicare

10. double-helical nature of DNA

11. Milky Way

12. hormone

13. i-steel

14. skopos theory

15. the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC)




19. 语意翻译

20. 蒸汽机

21. 中枢神经紊乱

22. 电子商务

23. 温室效应

24. 信、达、雅.

25. 全球暧化

26. 铝合金

27. 科幻小说

28. .动态对等



II Directions: Translate the following four source texts into their target language respectively, paying attention to the translation techniques you use.

Source Text 1 (30)

Life has prospered on this planet for nearly four billion years. In that time, climate had fluctuated drastically, from ice ages lasting tens of thousands of years to epochs of steamy heat. With each change,sundry species have benefited and flourished. Others adapted, faltered, or died. Now, many experts believe, humans are imperiling their own ecological niche with the threat of global warming. The vaporous by-products of civilization, in the form of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, have trapped enough heat in the atmosphere to raise Earth’s average surface air temperature a half degree Celsius(one degree Fahrenheit) during this century.

If the trend continues, it would alter climate pattern worldwide-thawing glaciers, boosting sea level, scorching plains into deserts, and shifting vegetation zones.

Or it might not. Global climate depends on combinations of factors interacting in subtle and complex ways that we do not yet fully understand. It is possible that the warming observed during this century may have resulted from .natural variations, even though the increase has been much more rapid than what the planet has witnessed over the past hundred centuries. Moreover, the supercomputer simulations used to project future conditions may not be accurate.

[Key Words]

ecological niche 生态位

thawing glaciers 融解的冰层

supercomputer simulations超大电脑模拟系统


Source Text 2: (30′)

Directions: In the following article, ABB’s UK robotics business is inviting rail industry manufacturers to its Rail Manufacturing Technology Seminar in Milton Keynes on Thursday 4th June 2009. Please translate the underlined sentences, paying attention to the style of your translation.

Robots in Rail Manufacturing Technology Day

2009-04-24 – ABB Robotics will be exploring and demonstrating the key reasons iustifying robotic technology investment within the rail industrv.(S1)

ABB’s .dedicated technology and software will be put to the test on the 4th June 2009 in Milton Kevnes where ABB will be demonstrating robot solutions to a host of rail manufacturers that are already transforming other businesses across a wide range of industries with new levels of competitiveness and productivity through safe, flexible and speedy robot automation.(S2)

This is an opportunity for the rail industry to share this day with us and experience how robots could have a key role to play in their processes and to demystify the common misconceptions of cost and complexity that may be preventing this sector from realizing the massive benefits that using robots can bring. (S3)

First hand experience

A keynote speaker from the metal fabrication industry will be offering ‘first hand experience,of how his company has already integrated robot technology in to their own manufacturing processes.(S4)

Demonstrations and break out sessions

A comprehensive range of live robot demonstrations covering a multitude of associated applications found within the rail environment will be displayed and discussed.

An opportunity to visit all three break out sessions covering:

• An introduction to ‘hands on’ training – the basic principles of how to make a robot move

• An insight in to our 3D robotics simulation suite

• Demonstrating the technology behind monitoring a robots health whilst in production: with our Remote Service offering.

The proven benefits

ABB robots are equipped with the latest technology to deal with a wealth of applications such as riveting, welding, assembly, material handling, machine tending, painting, inspection and de-burring amongst others. Manufacturers who have introduced robots to their processes have typically seen a significant increase in productivity and efficiencies, with higher levels of output,

If you would like 10 receive more information on this seminar then please click on the button below.


ABB Robotics ABB 机器人业务部

rail industry 铁路制造业

Milton Keynes 英国米尔顿凱恩斯


S1: _________





Source Text3: (30)

简要地回顾一下交通发展史,这种加速变化往往便可得到生动形象的说明。譬如,有人指 一在公元前6000年的时候,人类远距离运输的最快手段是骆驼运输队,平均每小时8 英里。直到大约公元前1600年双轮马车的发明,才将最高速度提高到每小时20英里。当时双轮马车是一项非常伟大的发明,它的最高时速简直难以超越,以至于过了将近3,500 年,到了公元1784年,第一辆邮车在英国行驶,其平均速度也只有10英里每小时。1825 年问世的第一辆蒸汽机车,最高时速就仅为13英里,而当时的大帆船仅以不到火车一半 的速度在大海上漫漫颠簸。


骆蛇运输队camel caravan


邮车mail coach

Source Text4 (30)

机器翻译,或自然语言处理,是人工智能的任务之一。它涉及句子和段落,不光是词和词 组。其步骤是:计算机对源语句法进行逻辑分析,认出句子成分,査阅计算机中的词典, 然后组织译句。上世纪80年代起国内多所大学投入英汉互译软件的研究。研究的重点在 于〗分析汉语字词的句法关系;2把汉语归纳成标准句型。据报道,有的用10年的《人 民日报》做数据库,其中包含2,000种结构和10,000种句型,以此来翻译政治文章。


源语句法 source sentence

句法关系 syntax relationship

数据库 library



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