web-addiction: 沉迷网络;网瘾

position available: 空缺职位

unilateral provocation:  单方面挑衅 

anchorwoman: 女主播

tertiary industry:第三产业

optimize entrepreneurial ecology:优化创业生态

stock option:优先认股权

gender-biased: 性别歧视的

credit crisis:信用危机

weak investment:投资疲软

NAACP: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People 美国有色人种协进会

FIFA: International Federation of Football Association 国际足联

FRB: Federal Reserve Board 美联储

GM : General Motors 美国通用汽车

ILO: International Labour Organization 国际劳工组织


国有资产监督管理委员会 The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission

治理环境污染: curb environmental pollution

信访制度:  petitioning system

黄牛党:   scalper

事业单位: public institution

恶性通货膨胀:  hyperinflation

吃空饷:  freeloading

流行歌曲排行榜: hit parade

新农合补助:  rural cooperative medical care system

月球探测器:  lunar probe

喊破嗓子不如甩开膀子 Talking the talk is not as good as walking the walk.

拿回扣:take kickbacks

房产税征收:realty tax levy

中签率: odds of winning

居住证:  residence permit

三、 英汉互译:英译汉(每篇60分, 总共60分)

Since 1976, the US dollar’ s role as an international currency has been slowly waning. International use of the dollar to hold foreign-exchange reserves, denominate financial transactions, invoice trade, and as a vehicle in currency markets is below its level during the heyday of the Bretton Woods era, from 1945 to 1971. But most people would be surprised by what the most recent numbers show.

There is an abundance of explanations for the downward trend. Since the Vietnam War, US budget deficits, money creation, and current-account deficits have often been high.Presumably as a result, the dollar has lost value relative to other major currencies or in terms of purchasing power. Meanwhile, the US share of global output has declined. And, most recently, the disturbing willingness of some members of the US Congress to pursue a strategy that would cause the Treasury to default on legal obligations has undermined global confidence in the dollar’s privileged status.

Moreover, some emerging-market currencies are joining the club of international currencies for the first time. Indeed, some analysts have suggested that the Chinese renminbi may rival the dollar as the leading international currency by the end of the decade.

But the dollar’s status as an international currency has not fallen uniformly. Interestingly, the periods when the public is most concerned about the issue do not coincide with the periods when the dollar’s share in international transactions is in fact falling.

It is not an eternal law of nature that the dollar shall always be number one. The pound sterling had the top spot in the nineteenth century, only to be surpassed by the dollar in the first half of the twentieth century. The day may come when the dollar, too, succumbs to a rival. But today is not that day. (原文出自世界经济论坛 Will the dollar lose its dominance? 翻译硕士真题网注)

参考译文:1976年以来,美元作为国际货币的角色一直在缓慢减弱。国际上用美元作为 外汇储备、为金融交易计价、结算贸易以及货币市场载体的程度还不如1945—1971 年布雷顿森林时代的鼎盛期。但大部分人会对最新数字所揭示的东西感到震惊。

对于这一衰落趋势,解释层出不穷。自越战以来,美国的预算赤字、货币创 造和经常项目赤字总是非常高。美元相对其他主要货币的价值或者美元的购买力 有所损失也不足为奇。与此同时,美国站全球产出的份额也有所下降。而在最近, 美国国会的一些议员有一种危险的意图一追求将导致财政部对其法定债务违约 的战略,这影响了全球对美元特权地位的信心。

此外,一些新兴市场货币正在首次进入国际货币俱乐部。事实上,一些分析 师指出,到这个十年结束时,人民币可能挑战美元作为领先国际货币的地位。但 美元作为国际货币的地位并没有一路下降。有趣的是,公众最担心这一问题的时 期往往并不是美元在国际交易中的份额下降的时期。美元永远是第一,这决非宇 宙真理。十九世纪拥有顶级地位的是英镑,但在二十世纪上半叶就被美元超越。 美元也有被后浪拍死在沙滩上的一天,但肯定不是今天。



中泰合作进入发展快车道,中泰友谊已溶进两国人民的血脉,深入到民间交往的各个方面。我相信,随着两国交往更加紧密,中泰睦邻友好将像长江和湄南河一样川流不息、奔腾向前,中泰全面互利合作必将奏响更加美好动人的新华章!中泰两国一定会“亲上加亲”。(原文出自 李克强在泰国国会的演讲 翻译硕士真题网注)

参考译文:In the face of the complex international situation, China will keep to the path of peacefuldevelopment, adhere to the foreign policy of building friendships and partnerships with ourneighbors and work with other countries for regional peace and prosperity. This year, Chinahas worked vigorously for economic progress while maintaining stability and achieved steadygrowth through reform and structural adjustment, shoring up market and public expectationsabout China’s future development. We have not only the ability to meet our economic andsocial development goals for this year, but also the conditions to achieve sustained andsound economic growth. This will create even more opportunities for the development ofThailand and other Southeast Asian countries.

China-Thailand cooperation has entered a fast lane, and China-Thailand friendship has taken deep roots in the hearts of our people and is reflected in every aspect of their exchanges. I am confident that with even closer exchanges, China-Thailand good-neighborliness and friendship will continue to move ahead like the Yangtze River and the Chao Phraya River. Our all-round and mutually beneficial cooperation will embrace an even brighter future. And our two countries will become even closer to each other.



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