Part I. Translate the following terms, acronyms and proper names from English into Chinese. One point for each and the total for this part is 15 points. (1′ X 15 =15′)

I. semi-finished product:半成品

2. online education:在线教育

3. bilateral relations :双边关系

4. economic recession:经济衰退

5. accident rate:意外事故率

6. emergency landing:紧急 降落

7. space shuttle:航天飞机

8. communication satellite:通讯卫星

9. NASA:美国国家航空航天局

10. microprocessor:微处理器

11. information highway:信息害速公路

12. food security:食品安全

13. face shield:面罩

14. awarding ceremony:颁奖仪式

15. cultural heritage:文化遗产

Part II. Translate the following terms, acronyms and proper names from Chinese into English. One point for each and the total for this part is 15 points. (1′ X 15 =15′)

、、、 electronic ticket、 Airport Shuttle Bus、 Internet、 boarding check、 safety inspection、 emergency exit、 passport、high-tech war、homepage、medical certificate、 crew、 permanent residents

1.空气质量指数:Air quality Index


3.国际空间站:international space station

4.电子客票: electronic ticket

5.机场巴士:Airport Shuttle Bus


7.登机牌: boarding check

8.安全检查: safety inspection

9.紧急出口:emergency exit


11.高技术战争:high-tech war


13.健康证明:medical certificate

14.飞机机组人员: crew

15.常住人口:permanent residents

Part III. Translate the following passages from English into Chinese. Each passage accounts for 30 points and the total for this part is 60 points (30′ X 2 = 60′).

Passage 1

Today’s policemen in large cities throughout the world rely on modern inventions to help them in their work. In most places motor scooters and police patrol cars have done away with the need to patrol on foot or on horseback. Policemen use telephones, conveniently located throughout their districts, to make immediate contact with headquarters. Radio, television, and computers help to speed the work of the modern force. Even boats and helicopters are part of the equipment of metropolitan police departments. New technical inventions are widely used to fight crime and speed the solution for criminal cases. Electronic computer reduce from hours to minutes the time spent in searching for fingerprints. Witness’s descriptions of a criminal are coded and fed into a computer. The machine then sorts through the picture file of known criminals and selects the name and photograph of the most likely suspect. Lie detectors are used to uncover the truth.

Passage 2

Unhappiness comes either through fear or through vain and unbridled desire; but if a man controls these, he can win for himself the blessedness of understanding. Of desires, all that do not lead to a sense of pain, if they are not satisfied, are not necessary, but involve a desire which is easily dispelled, when the aim is hard to realize or they seem likely to produce harm. Wherever in the case of desires which are natural, but do not lead to a sense of pain, if they are not fulfilled, the effort is intense, such pleasures are due to idle imagination, and it is not owing to their own nature that they fail to be dispelled, but owing to the empty imagining of the man.

The disturbance of the soul cannot be ended nor true joy created either by the possession of the greatest wealth or by honor and respect in the eyes of the mob or by anything else that is associated with causes of unlimited desires. We must not violate nature, but obey her; and we shall obey her if we fulfill the necessary and natural desires, if they bring no harm to us. The man who follows nature and not vain opinions is independent in all things. For in reference to what is enough for nature every possession is riches, but in reference to unlimited desires even the greatest wealth is not riches but poverty.

Insofar as you are in difficulties, it is because you forget nature; for you create for yourself unlimited fears and desires. It is better for you to be free of fear lying upon a pallet, than to have a golden couch and a rich table and be full of trouble.


Part IV. Translate the following passages from Chinese into English. Each passage accounts for 30 points and the total for this part is 60 points (30′ x 2 = 60′).

Passage 1

人们常常把物理学定义为关于物质和能量的科学,它主要涉及到物质世界的定律和性 质。这些内容分别成为密切相关的力学、热学、声学、电学、光学以及原子与核结构等学 科中的研究领域。综合应用这些领域中所研究的原理,促成了机器时代的到来。像化学物 理学和生物物理学这类新术语,就是物理学原理被广泛应用的明证,表明其应用范围甚至 已扩展到生物机体的研究中。

Passage 2

工业部门和政府机构两个方面都必须对航空试验设备的规划和研制工作有个明确的指 导思想。这种指导思想必须根据基本技术发展趋势,仔细地把发展件设备规划同技术目标 和商业目标联系起来。规划获淮的环境条件会对这样的规划产生强烈的影响。通常,最困 难的问题是能否及早筹集大笔基建投资,以便适时提供设备,满足实际研制工作的需要。

人们通常根据飞行任务的类型来考察各种各样的未来航空器,并试图从下述五个重要 方面来判断基本的技术发展趋势:总重、尺寸、飞行高度、最大飞行进度以及提供的推力 与功率。在所有这五个方面都存在着明显的发展趋势,它们强烈显示出对新设备的需求。



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