Part I. Term translation.

A. Translate the following into English. (15 points)

1. H1N1 vaccine:流感疫苗

2. Citibank:花旗银行

3. UNESCO:联合国教科文组织 (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization)

4. APEC:亚太经合组织(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)

5. IMF:国际货币基金组织

6. NATO:北约、北大西洋公约组织(North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

7. retaliatory tariff:报复性关税

8. elastic demand:弹性需求

9. HDTV:高清电视(high-definition TV)

10. letter of credit:信用证

11. financial tsunami:金融海啸;金融风暴

12. labor insurance:劳动保险

13. Pentagon:五角大楼; 美国国防部

14, venture capital:风险资本,风险投资

15. trade surplus:贸易顺差

B. Translate the following into Chinese.(15 points)

1.鱼米之乡:a region abundant in fish and rice;a land flowing with milk and honey; land of fish and rice; a land of fish and rice

2.上海2010世博会: Shanghai World Expo 2010

3.兵马俑: Terra-Cotta Warriors

4.中外合资经营:Sino-Foreign Joint Venture

5.中国工商银行:Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)

6.中国社科院:the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)

7.刺绣: embroid


9.夕阳产业:Sunset Industry; Declining Industries

10.和平共处五项原则:Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence

11.非政府组织:(NGO) Non-government Organization

12.抵押贷款: mortgage loan

13.房地产开发商: real estate developer; Property Developers

14.小额投资: small investment

15.中国人民政治协商会议:the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

Part II. Translate the following into Chinese. (60 Points)

“…I was rich, if not in money, in sunny hours and summer days.”

When Thoreau wrote that line, he was thinking of the Walden Pond he knew as a boy.Woodchoppers and the Iron Horse had not yet greatly damaged the beauty of its setting. A boy could go to the pond and lie on his back against the seat of a boat, lazily drifting from shore to shore while the loons dived and the swallows dipped around him. Thoreau loved to recall such sunny hours and summer days “when idleness was the most attractive and productive business.”

I too was a boy in love with a pond, rich in sunny hours and summer days. Sun and summer are still what they always were, but the boy and the pond changed. The boy, who is now a man, no longer find much time for idle drifting. The pond has been annexed by a great city. The swamps where herons once hunted are now drained and filled with houses. The bay where water lilies quietly floated is now a harbor for motor boats. In short, everything that the boy loved no longer exists—-except in the man’s memory of it.

Those who truly treasure the past will not bemoan the passing of the good old days, because days enshrined in memory are never lost.Death itself is powerless to still a remembered voice or erase a remembered smile. And for one boy who is now a man, there is a pond which neither time nor tide can change, where he can still spend a quiet hour in the sun.






真正珍惜过去的人,不会悲叹旧日美好时光的逝去。因为藏于记忆中的时光永不流失。 死亡本身无法止住一个记忆中的声音,或擦除一个记忆中的微笑。对现已长大成人的那个男孩来说,那儿将有一个湖塘不会因时间和潮汐而改变,可以让他继续在阳光下享受安静时光。

Part III. Translate the following into English. ( 60 Points)

根据多数学者的说法,墨子系平民出身,是一个小手工业者,年轻时当过木工,能造守城器械,是一个技艺精湛的木匠。据《墨子·公输》记载,“于是见公输盘。子 墨子解带为城,以牒为械,公输盘九设攻城之机变,子墨子九距之。公输盘之攻械尽,子墨子守圉有余,公输盘诎。”可见连著名巧匠公输盘也比不过他。另外,他 还是一位发明家和科学家,他制成的“木鸢”据说三天三夜飞在天上没有掉下来。他在光学、数学、力学等自然科学方面也都进行了探索。墨子早年曾师从于儒者,学习孔子之术,称道尧舜大禹,学习《诗》、《书》、《春秋》等儒家典籍。

参考译文:According to the view held by most scholars, Mo Tse was born as a civilian and he was a small handicraftsman. At an early age, he worked as a carpenter with excellent skills and was able to make city-defensive apparatuses. According to Mo Tse·Gongshu, ‘Then Gongshu Ban was summoned, Mo Tse undid his waistband; rounded it like a city and used his chips as defensive apparatus. Gongshu Ban set the offensive and flexible apparatus for nine times and all of the attacks were overwhelmed by Mo Tse. Gongshu Ban waged all the attacks that his apparatus could offer while Mo Tse still reserved his defensive tactics. Then Gongshu Ban was deflated.’ It shows that the eminent and skillful carpenter Gongshu Ban could not beat him. Besides, he was an inventor and scientist. It is said that the Wooden Eagle invented by him hovered in the sky for 3 days and nights without falling down. He also explored in nature science such as Optics, Mathematics, Mechanics, and so forth.

Mo Tse was educated by Confucians in his early years, learning academics of Confucius, appreciating Yao Shun and Da Yu, studying Confucian classics, such as Poem, Book, The Spring and Autumn Period, and so forth.


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