I. 词语翻译(每小题1分,共30题,共30分)


1) RTM: released to manufacturing, 从发布到制造

2) ASEAN:东南亚国家联盟 (Association of South East Asian Nations)

3) BOA:美国银行(Bank of America)

4) Cbase: 大学基础学科知能测验(College Basic Academic Subjects Examination);中文数据库

5) PETS: 公共英语等级考试(Public English Test System)

6) ATV: 自动售票机(Automatic Ticket Vendor)

7) GMT: 格林威治标准时间(Greenwich Mean Time)

8) EMS: 邮政特快专递(express mail service)

9) NAFTA: 北美自由贸易协定(North American Free Trade Agreement)

10) AIDS: 艾滋病(acquired immune deficiency syndrome)

11) WHL: 万海航运(Wan Hai Lines)

12) anti-ballistic missile: 反弹道导弹

13) NASDAQ: 美国纳斯达克(national association of securities dealers automatic quotation)

14) OF: 溢位旗标(Overflow Flag)

15) IMF: 国际货币基金组织(International Monetary Fund)


1) 保税区: bonded area

2) 亚太梦: Asia Pacific dream

3) 关系网: a well-connected network

4) 民主监督: democratic supervision

5) 目标管理: management by objective

6) 依法行政: administration according to law

7) 文化同化: culture assimilation

8) 泡沫经济: bubble economy

9) 国家安全战略: National Security Strategy

10) 职业道德: professional ethics

11) 封山育林: close hillsides to facilitate afforestation

12) 规模效应: scale effect

13) 建筑垃圾: builders rubbish; construction waste

14) 小康水平:comparatively well-off level

15) 文凭热:degree craze

II. 英汉互译(共120分)


(1)  No one can be a great thinker who does not realize that as a thinker it is his first duty to follow his intellect to whatever conclusions it may lead. Truth gains more even by the errors of one who, with due study and preparation, thinks for himself,than by the true opinions of those who only hold them because they do not suffer themselves to think. Not that it is solely, or chiefly, to form great thinkers that freedom of thinking is required. On the contrary, it is as much or even more indispensable to enable average human beings to attain the mental stature which they are capable of. There have been, and may again be, great individual thinkers in a general atmosphere of mental slavery. But there never has been,nor ever will be, in that atmosphere an intellectually active people. Never when controversy avoided the subjects which are large and important enough to kindle enthusiasm was the mind of a people stirred up from its foundations and the impulse given which raised even persons of the most ordinary intellect to something of the dignity of thinking beings.

(2)  The scientific interest of American history centered in national character, and in the workings of a society destined to become best, in which individuals were important chiefly as types. Although this kind of interest was different from that of European history, it was at least as important to the world. Should history ever become a true science, it must expect to establish its laws, not from the complicated story of rival European nationalities, but from the economical evolution of a great democracy. North America was the most favorable field on the globe for the spread of a society so large, uniform, and isolated as to answer the purposes of science, There a single homogeneous society could easily attain proportions of three or four hundred million persons, under conditions of undisturbed growth. In Europe or Asia, undisturbed social evolution had been unknown. Without disturbance, evolution seems to cease. Wherever disturbance occurred, permanence was impossible. Every people in turn adapted itself to the law of necessity.



(1) 每年在11月11日过的这个节日,源于第一次世界大战结束时1918年签署的停战协议。 在亚洲,非洲、太平洋诸岛屿和南美海域以及欧洲战场发生的战事被当作“停止一切战争的 战争”。而实际上战事紧随其后,1954年尔森豪威尔总统规定了 11月11日的退伍军人节 以纪念在战争或和平年代那些穿过军服的人们。

尽管退伍军人节的核心内容不是战争,不是为了宣扬战场上的胜利或失败,也不是为了 标榜政治上的狂飙突进抑或恐怖主义的阴谋野心。恰恰相反,这是緬怀和思念的日子,在英 国、加拿大、南非和其他国家同样在这一天缅怀和祭奠曾为国家服役和牺牲的军人。

(2) Nozuo,no die, no life.“作”是什么? “作”就是不安现状的瞎折腾。我这个人就挺爱 “作”的,我来参加超级演说家这个节目已经被我哥骂了无数次了。他说你这就是没事找事 瞎折腾,你又不是学表演的,又不是学主持的。一个学法律的去参加一个电视节目,对你的将来有什么用。可能我就是爱“作”吧,我突然觉得每天都重复的生活很没有意思,所以我 就来了。我自“作”,我也能自受。每次写稿子都要熬夜,熬到一两点;每次站在舞台上等 着大家投票,都会紧张的双拳紧握。但是我一点儿也不后悔’我会永远、永远都记得这些时 刻的。



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