I. Directions: Translate the following words, abbreviations or terminology into target language respectively.

1. accessible elevator

2. Empty talk is harmful to the nation, while doing practical work will make it thrive.

3. IOC


5. GPA

6. Gini coefficient

7. white night

8. high water

9. eleventh hour

10. precious stone

11. altitude sickness

12. health care reform

13. loan prime rate

14. franchise store

15. to drive one’s pigs to market

















Part II. Directions: Translate the underlined parts into Chinese. (40 points)

It is a true story which happened during World War II in a certain state in the east o:’ the U.S.A.

One day a young man named Jim received an enlistment notice in which he was tolc to undergo the physical examination the next day. To Jim it seemed like a bolt from the blue. He was troubled so much that he couldn’t get to sleep all the night. In all fairness, Jim wasn’t a coward and he hated the Fascists deeply. But he wouldn’t join the army. Why? r was all because he was in love with a beautiful girl and he would not be separated from his girl friend. “If I could find a way to make the doctors believe there are some defects in my body,” he thought, “I would avoid being sent to serve in the army. But how?…” He though and thought. Suddenly to his great joy, a good idea crossed his mind.

The next morning Jim got to the hospital on time. He was led into a large room where he found an aged medical officer sitting behind a large writing-desk, busy looking through the sheets of paper carefully. “It must be the chief doctor,” to himself Jim thought, “and I’c best try not to be paid attention to by that old fellow.” With the thought, he hurriedly found

a seat to sit down on and took out an out-of-age newspaper, pretending to read it.

Not long before that, Jim heard his name called. He knew it was his turn to be examined. When Jim came up to the doctor, the old man raised his head slowly from his papers and took a quick and sharp look at him, then in a whisper he ordered Jim to put his newspaper on the table and take off his clothes at once. Of course, Jim had to do what he was wanted to. After that, he was told to go straight to a corner and sit down on a chair there. But to Jim’s great surprise, no sooner had he seated himself on the chair than he heard the doctor murmuring to his assistants: “Finished! That lad is quite up to the standard.”

“How can you draw such a conclusion like that before you give me a careful check? It’s too rash!” Still on the chair, Jim shouted at the doctor. “Don’t be impetuous, young mar ! Get off and put on your clothes, and then I’ll explain it to you.” the doctor said calmly.

And when Jim stood before the old man, the doctor held out his and gave a pat on his broad shoulder. A smile on his face, he said to Jim in kind voice: “My boy, you said we didn’t examine you carefully, didn’t you? But I don’t think it necessary for us to do that You might be puzzled about this. Now let me tell you how and why.” A pause to take a breath, he went on: “When I whispered to you to put down the newspaper and take off your clothes, you did it as I told you. It shows you have good ears. And then when you were asked to go and sit on the chair in that corner, you did it, too. It shows you can see any object within a certain distance. So you are not nearsighted at all. Besides, you were founc reading the newspaper just now, and we are certain you are a man of intelligence. In a wore, we make no doubt that you are perfect in mind and body. Now I’m glad to say you’ve passed the physical examination, that is to say you’ll be a glorious soldier. Congratulations!”

With those words the medical officer stretched out both hands to Jim, and Jim could do nothing but hold them in his own. “I wish you to be a good fighter and fight for the justice and freedom of human beings!” said the old man in an inspiring voice. And Jim was so moved that his eyes were full of tears.

Half a year later, Jim was killed in the European battlefield. At this news his gir friend nearly went mad. She dashed down to the shore and stood there, looking out to the boundless ocean. She kept weeping, while calling her lover’s name. “Don’t be like that, my dear.” It was an old man’s trembling voice. “Your Jim died a real man. He devoted his life to the people all over the world. It is right that we should be proud of him…” Saying this the old man, her father, was choked. His only regret was that he had never had Jim know who he was. This old man was no other than the medical officer who had given Jim the health check.

Part III. Directions: Translate the underlined parts  into English.(50 points)

且说黛玉自那日弃舟登岸时,便有荣府打发轿子并拉行李车 辆伺候。这黛玉尝听得母亲说他外祖母家与别家不同;他近日所 见的这几个三等的仆妇,吃穿用度,已是不凡,何况今至其家, 都要步步留心,时时在意,不要多说一句话,不可多行一步路, 恐被人耻笑了去。自上了轿,进了城,从纱窗中瞧了一瞧,其街 市之繁华,人烟之阜盛,自非别处可比。又行了半日,忽见街北 蹲着两个大石狮子,三间兽头大门,门前列坐着十来个华冠丽服 之人;正门不开,只东西两角门有人出入;正门之上有一匾,匾 上大书“敕造宁国府”五个大字。



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