I. Translation of terms or phrases ( 30 )

A.Translate the following English terms and phrases into Chinese (15 ):

APEC:亚太经贸合作组织(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

ASEAN:东南亚国家联盟(东盟)(Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

〇IE :国际兽疫防治局;世界动物卫生组织(Office International Des Epizooties) 

Into the Woods:《拜访森林》(Into the Woods)(迪士尼公司改编百老汇同名音乐剧的一部作品)

SCO:上海合作组织(Shanghai Cooperation Organization)

WEC:世界能源理事会(World Energy Council)

WFP:(联合国)世界粮食计划署(World Food Programme)

APEC:亚太经贸合作组织(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)

ASEAN:东南亚国家联盟(东盟)(Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

Unbroken:坚固柔情 (黛咪·洛瓦托专辑)

ICJ:国际法院(International Court of Justice)



Daily Mirror:每日镜报(英国报纸名)

The White House Office:白宫办公厅

B. Translate the following Chinese terms and phrases into English ( 15 ):

博鳌亚洲论坛:Boao Forum for Asia

上海合作组织:SCO ( Shanghai Cooperation Organization )

法制委员会: Commission of Legislative Affairs

反腐倡廉:combat corruption and build a clean government

中国证券监督管理委员会:China Securities Regulatory Commission

宋庆龄基金会:Soong Ching Ling Foundation

中国曲艺家协会: Chinese Ballad Singers Association

香港特别行政区政府:Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; Government of Hong Kong

海军陆战队:marines;Marine Corps

社会保障体系:social security system; social safety net

人才之家: Home for Talent

节能减排:energy saving and emission reduction; energy conservation and emission reduction

国际金融危机:international financial crisis;Global Financial Crisis

非物质文化遗产:intangible cultural heritage

五四运动:the May 4th Movement

II. English-Chincse Translation(60)

Passage One (30)

Education is the harmonious development of all our faculties, li begins in the nursery, and goes on | at school,but does not end there. It continues through life, whether we will or not. The only question i‘、j whether what we learn in after life is wisely chosen or picked up haphazard. “Every person,” says ! Gibbon, “has two educations, one which he receives from others, and one more important, which he gives himself.” What we teach ourselves must indeed always be more useful than what we learn of others. “Nobody,” said Locke, “ever went far in knowledge, or became eminent in any of the Sciences, by the discipline and restraint of a Master.11

Those who have not distinguished themselves at school need not on that account be discouraged. The greatest minds do not necessarily ripen the quickest. If, indeed, you have not taken pains, then, though I will not say that you should be discouraged, still you should he ashamed; but if you have done your best, you have only to persevere; for many of those who have never been able to dislinj.’iiish themselves at school, have been very successful in after life. We arc told that Wellington and Naiiolcon were both dull boys, and the same is said to have been the case with Sir Isaac Newton, Dean Swili.: Clive Sir Walter Scott, Sheridan, and many other eminent men. Evidently then it does not follow that those who have distinguished themselves least at school have benefited least.(选自 Extracts from “Self-Education”-John Lubbock 曹明伦 译 mtizt.com注)



Passage Two (30)

As holidays go, Thanksgiving is in some ways the most philosophical. Today we try not to take for granted the things we almost always take for granted. We try, if only in that brief pause before the eating begins, to see through the well-worn patterns of our lives to what lies behind them. In other words, we try to understand how very rich we are, whether we feel very rich or not. Today is one of the few times most Americans consciously set desire aside, if only because desire is incompatible with the gratitude—not to mention the abundance—that Thanksgiving summons.

It’s tempting to think that one Thanksgiving is pretty much like another, except for differences in the guest list and the recipes. But it isn’t true. This is always a feast about where we are now. Thanksgiving reflects the complexion of the year we’re in. Some years it feels buoyant, almost jubilant in nature. Other years it seems marked by a conspicuous humility uncommon in the calendar of American emotions.

And this year? We will probably remember this Thanksgiving as a banquet of mixed emotions. This is, after all, a profoundly American holiday. The undertow of business as usual seems especially strong this year. The shadow of a war and misgivings over the future loom in the minds of many of us. Most years we enjoy the privacy of Thanksgiving, but this year, somehow, the holiday feels like part of a public effort to remember and reclaim for ourselves what it means to be American.(选自叶子南-高级英汉翻译理论与实践 mtizt.com注)



III. Chinese-English Translation(60)







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