I. Translation of terms or phrases ( 30 )

A.Translate the following English terms and phrases into Chinese (15 ):

ADB:亚洲开发银行(Asian Development Bank)

UN Charter:《联合国宪章》

ASEAN-Association of Southeast Asian Nations League of Arab states :东南亚国家联盟(东盟)

Office of United States Trade Representatives:美国贸易代表办公室

United Combatant Commands:联合作战司令部

CSD:联合国可持续发展委员会( Commission on Sustainable Development )

ICAO:.国际民航组织(International Civil Aviation Organization)

IDB:美洲开发银行(Inter American Development Bank)

ILO:国际劳工组织(International Labor Organization)

PIF:太平洋岛国论坛(Pacific Islands Forum)

UNDP:联合国开发计划署(United Nations Development Program)

IMO:国际海事组织(International Maritime Organization)

ITU:国际电信联盟(International Telecommunication Union)


B. Translate the following Chinese terms and phrases into English ( 15 ):

中华人民共和国科学技术部:Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC

国家安全部:Ministry of State Security

民政部: Ministry of Civil Affairs

国家计划生育委员会:State Family Planning Commission

国务院办公厅:General Office of the State Council

海关总署:General Administration of Customs

国家环境保护总局:State Environmental Protection Administration

国家质量技术监督局:CSBTS ( State Bureau of Quality Technical Supervision )

法律援助服务委员会:Legal Aid Services Council

中国证卷监督管理委员会:CSRC ( China Securities Regulatory Commission )

国家海洋局:State Oceanic Administration

承德避暑山庄:Chengde Mountain Resort

人民英雄纪念碑:Monument to the People ‘ s Heroes

二十四节气:the 24 solar terms

江南水乡: the south of the lower reaches of the Yangze River

II. English-Chincse Translation(60)

Passage One (30)

At seventeen the promise of Noelle’s early beauty had been more than fulfilled. She had matured into an exquisite woman. She had fine, delicate features, eyes a vivid violet color and soft ash-blond hair. Her skin was fresh and golden as though she had been ‘dipped in honey. Her figure was stunning, with generous, firm, young breasts, a small waist, rounded hips and long shapely legs, with delicate ankles. Her voice was distinctive, soft and mellifluous. There was a strong, smoldering sensuality about Noelle, but that was not her magic. Her magic lay in the fact that beneath the sensuality seemed to lie an untouched island of innocence, and the combination was irresistible. She could not walk down the streets without receiving propositions from passersby. They were not the casual offers that the prostitutes of Marseille received as their daily currency, for even the most obtuse meu perceived something special in Noelle, something that they had never seen before and perhaps would never see again,and each was willing to pay as much as he could afford to try to make it a part of himself, however briefly.


Passage Two (30)

The Living Seas

The ocean covers three quarters of the earth’s surface, produces 90 percent of all its life-supporting oxygen, and is the driving force behind the entire weather system. There are over 450 million cubic miles of sea water on the earth; and each cubic mile contains over 150 million tons of minerals.

So vast and so pervasive is the sea that if the earth’s crust were made level, ocean water would form a blanket over 8,000 feet deep.

The oceans contribute immeasurably to the earth’s life support system as well as provide an untapped storehouse of food, minerals, energy, and archaeological treasure.

Advanced atmospheric diving suits permit researchers to descend to depths of 1,500 feet. Yet the ocean’s average depth is greater than 12,000 feet. It is at these depths that remarkable discoveries are being made, discoveries which only a short time ago would have been impossible.

In that depth, where darkness is absolute and pressure exceeds eight tons per square inch, robotic submersibles have discovered enormous gorges, four times deeper than the Grand Canyon. Here, too, are volcanoes that vastly outnumber those on land. Landslides the size of Rhode Island have been recorded, as well as raging undersea storms that go completely unnoticed on the surface while dramatically rearranging the underwater landscapes. *

And under these seas the largest single geological feature on earth has been found—a mountain range that dwarfs the Himalayas. It’s a range that covers nearly one quarter of the earth’s surface.(选自The Living Seas 富有生命的海洋 mtizt.com注)



III. Chinese-English Translation(60)


唐明皇(685-762,712-756在位)心爱的宠妃杨玉环,不但娇羞动人,更娴熟音律, 入宫即得二千宠爱在一身。玉环不仅得宠,杨氏门也尽得提拔。兄长杨国忠位列丞相,却 穷奢极欲纳贿专权。神仙嫦娥知明皇通识乐理,将梦中的玉环召唤至月宫,传授她“霓裳羽 衣”仙乐。玉环依照梦中记忆谱曲,与明皇合制了传世之作《霓裳羽衣曲》。玉环嗜食荔枝, 明皇特命从中国南方以快马进献,递送的驿史塌毁了无数百姓的良田,民怨四起。

七夕之夜,玉环与明皇相携明誓,银河上,牛郎织女也见证了他们的爱情。而大唐宫中 的甜蜜时光却冈一场暴乱而成镜花水月。面对暴乱,明皇亦挽救不了玉环的命运。平乱后, 明圼命人用檀木塑了玉环的座像,将思念和忏悔之情赋予雕像。死后的玉环,不但受到土地 神的眷顾,而且得到织女的同情。在嫦娥、织女等众神的帮助下,二人终于在中秋夜月宫重圆,永不分离。(译文可参考 长生殿故事(英文版) mtizt.com注)



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