I. Directions: Translate the following words, abbreviations or terminology into their target language respectively.

Biotic community:生物群落;生物界


Aggregate demand:总需要;总需求量

Grinding poverty:极度贫困

Midfielder: 中场队员

Bioclimatic factor:生物气候因素

Working drawing:设计图;工作图

Raison d’etat:国家利益

European Council:欧洲理事会

Cardiovascular disease:心血管疾病;

Brain drain:人才流失

Patron saint: 守护神

Sulphur dioxide:二氧化硫


Biological determinism:生物决定论

扶贫工作:Poverty alleviation


知识产权:intellectual property

钦差大臣:imperial envoy ; imperial commissioner

申办奥运会:bid for the Olympic Games

植物细胞和组织培养:Plant Cell and Tissue Culture


军备竞赛: arms race



在职培训:on-the-job training ; in-service training

农历: lunar calendar



生殖性克隆:reproductive cloning

电动汽车:electric car ; electric automobile ; electric vehicle

II. Directions: Translate the following source texts into their target language respectively.

Source Text 1:

For most American families, there’s one major money-related tradition associated with Thanksgiving: Black Friday shopping. But for others, bargain hunting takes a back seat to a financial reality check. They use this time together as an opportunity to discuss and review a host of financial issues ranging from estate planning and wills to investment and philanthropy.

And financial advisers, who sometimes attend more formal versions of these Thanksgiving conversations, have much to share in terms of what direction these meetings can take. They stress that with a little preparation, and a lot of nonconfrontational goodwill, families can come out with an increased sense of connectedness, cooperation and shared vision.

Still, it’s hard to gauge how family members will react, even to the most innocuous statements. Every tribe has its more emotional and melodramatic types, and so it’s crucial to limit the chances of misinterpretation or outbursts. This may be especially true if younger adults are involved and feel cornered in front of the whole family, experts say.

“Listening is the most important part,” says Ben Tobias, president of Tobias Financial Advisors in Plantation, Florida. If a son or daughter wants to join the Peace Corps instead of get a more traditional job, “find out the reasons why, and remember that doing something for two or three years can be a valuable experience. But ask, ‘Have you given any thought to your plans after that?’ You want them to look a little more in the future than just immediate gratification.”(选自路透社报道 Families talk turkey at Thanksgiving financial meetings  mtizt.com注)


Source Text 2:

Forget expensive educational DVDs and private tutors, the secret to smart children could be as simple as giving birth to them two years apart. Researchers who studied thousands of children found a two-year gap to be optimum in boosting brain power. Any shorter, and the reading and maths skills of the older child dipped. The effect was strongest between the first and second-born, but siblings in bigger families also benefited. The theory comes from Kasey Buckles, an economist whose own children are, rather fortunately, just over two years apart in age. She said it is likely that the difference in academic achievement is linked to the time and resources parents can invest in a child before a younger sibling arrives. However, waiting more than two years did not increase the advantage, the Journal of Human Resources will report.(136 words) (选自 中国日报双语新闻 Scientists say wait two years before having your second child mtizt.com注)


Source Text 3:

柳敬亭者,扬之泰州人,本姓曹。年十五,犷悍无赖,犯法当死,变姓柳,之盱眙市中为人说书,已能倾动其市人。久之,过江,云间有儒生莫后光见之,曰:“此 子机变,可使以其技鸣。”于是谓之曰:“说书虽小技,然必句性情,习方俗,如优孟摇头而歌,而后可以得志。”敬亭退而凝神定气,简练揣摩,期月而诣莫生。 生曰:“子之说,能使人欢咍嗢噱矣。”又期月,生曰:“子之说,能使人慷慨涕泣矣。”又期月,生喟然曰:“子言末发而哀乐具乎其前,使人之性情不能自主, 盖进乎技矣。” (正文250字)



Source Text 4:






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