I. Directions: Translate the following words, abbreviations or terminology into their target language respectively.

IMF:国际货币基金组织(international monetary fund)


star-related hotel:星际酒店 

World Natural Heritages site:世界自然遗产地

capital flight:资金外流

the UN charter:联合国宪章

environmental-friendly agriculture:生态农业

a land of milk and honey:鱼米之乡

current account:活期存款账户

special envoy:特使

a suicide bomber:自杀性炸弹袭击者

a plastic surgery hospital:整形医院

nonverbal communication:非言语交际;非语言沟通

secondary and higher vocational education:中等职业教育;高等职业教育

Carrying Capacity of Environment:环境负荷

经典旅游线路:recommendation of classic tour itineraries

公证人:notary public

绿色观光: Green Tourism

国民生产总值:Gross National Product

汇率:exchange rate

君主立宪制:constitutional monarchy

花样游泳:synchronized swimming

消费价格指数:consumer price index

弹性工资:flexible pay

民间外交:people-to-people diplomacy

外交豁免权:diplomatic immunity

反恐:anti-terrorist ; counter strike

垃圾食品:junk food ; rubbish food


电动汽车:electric car ; electric automobile ; electric vehicle

II. Directions: Translate the following source texts into their target language respectively.

Source Text 1:

People thinking about the origin of language for the first time usually , arrive at the conclusion that it developed gradually as a system of grunts, hisses and cries and must have “been a very .simpie affair in the beginning. However, when we observe the language behavior of what we regard as primitive cultures, we find it surprisingly complicated. It was believed that an Eskimo must have at the tip of his tongue a vocabulary of more than 10,000 words so as to get along reasonable well, much larger than the active vocabulary of an average businessman who speaks English. Moreover, these Eskimo words are far more highly inflected than those of any of the well-known European languages, for a single noun can be spoken or written in some hundred different forms, each having a precise meaning different from that of any other. The forms of the verbs are even more multiple. The Eskimo language is, therefore, one of the most difficult in the world to leam, with the result that almost no traders or explorers have even tried to learn it. Consequently, there has grown up, in communication between Eskimos and whites, a jargon similar to the pidgin English used in Old China, with a vocabulary of from 300 to 600 uninflected words. Most of them are derived from Eskimo but some are derived form English, Danish, Spanish, | Hawaiian and other languages. It is this jargon that is usually referred to by travelers as  “the Eskimo language”.

Source Text 2:

What the title mentioned above would be a piece of cake for the elder generations, but now caused a strong public concern among the couples born in the 1980s and 1990s. The husbands believe that the wives are born to do housework, whereas the wives suggest that the sexual equality should not only be emphasized in the workplaces, but also be reflected in the house management, since all the new generation of the 1980s and 1990s grew up under the love from their parents. Furthermore, the wives added, to be a modern genetleman, the husbands should shoulder their responsibilities both in the society and at home. Of course, some couples would prefer to do housework together, for they guess it may be a good way to reduce the conflict and increase their love to each other. Well, couples born in the 1980s and 1990s, who do you think should do housework?(选自80后夫妇 到底应该谁来做家务? mtizt.com注)


Source Text 3:(30分)



Source Text 4:(30分)

远程教育属于正规教育,它打破了传统的课堂教学模式。远程教育与传统教育相比有两大区别,即远程教育具有灵活性和开放性,不受时空和 学习进度的限制。

教师在一处授课,而学生在另一处学习,打破了时空限制。有些学生由 于工作、家庭或是地理条件的限制等原因无法接受传统教育,而远程教育 可以为他们提供受教育的机会。学生学习的地点可以是配有通信设备的校 园、工作单位或者自己家里。授课可以实时或非实时进行。

师生交互以及生生交互可以融入到教学过程中去。远程教育可以是学历 教育,学生可获得学士学位或硕士学位,远程教育也可以是非学历教育,学生可取得职业资格证书、获得在职培训乃至终身学习的机会。



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