I. Phrase Translation

APEC:亚太经贸合作组织(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)

SC: 最高法院(Supreme Court);联合国安全理事会(Security Council)

CPI: 消费物价指数(Consumer Price Index)

WHO: 世界卫生组织(World Health Organization) 
BRIC countries: 金砖四国

carban tax: 碳税;碳排放税

sunrise industry: 朝阳产业;新兴产业

defense lawyer: 辩护律师;被告律师

transnational litigation: 跨国诉讼

corporate restructure: 企业重组

turnover tax: 营业税

sight interpreting: 视译

cultural industry: 文化产业

Social Security Number: 社会保险号; 社会安全号

aircraft carrier: 航空母舰

廉政文化: clean government culture; Incorrupt Government Culture

和谐共赢: all-win harmony

文化扶贫计划: Culture-aid Program

全方位外交: multi-faceted diplomacy; all-directional diplomacy

惠农政策: Benefit Farming Policy; the policy of supporting agriculture and benefiting farmers

出口退税: Export Rebates

载人航天飞行: manned space flight

非物质文化遗产: Intangible Cultural Heritage

中国红十字会: Red Cross Society of China

自主创新: independent innovation

民事案件: civil case

儒家文化: Confucian Culture

唐三彩: tri-coloured glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty

除夕: New Year’s Eve

剪纸: paper cutting

II. Passage translation

Section A English to Chinese

1,The context for Occupy Wall Street and proposals to tax the rich — “rich” being constantly redefined — is the broader issue of economic inequality. For years, liberal politicians, academics and pundits have complained about growing inequality, but their protests barely resonated with the public. When most people are doing OK, the factthat some people are doing better does not arouse much anger. No more. When many people do worse, or fear they might, the rich inspire resentment and envy. Glaring inequalities that once seemed tolerable become offensive.

By and large, Americans regard the rich the way they do the poor. There are the “deserving” and the “undeserving.” The deserving pioneer technologies, manage vibrant businesses or excel at something (law, entertainment, sports). Few resent the wealth of Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey. By contrast, the “undeserving” rich succeed through self-dealing or activities lacking broad social value.

What’s happening now is that more rich are being disparaged as “undeserving.” Blamed for the financial crisis, Wall Street types top the list.Corporate chief executives stir similar ire.

There are many theories about why inequality has increased, though no consensus: New technologies reward the highly skilled; globalization depresses factory wages; eroded union power does the same; employer-paid health insurance squeezes take-home pay; a “winner-take-all” society confers huge rewards on an elite of celebrities, sports stars and business leaders.

The trouble is that the wealthy don’t fit the stereotypes: They aren’t all pampered CEOs, hotshot investment bankers, pop stars and athletes. Many own small and medium-sized companies. Half the wealth of the richest 1 percent consists of stakes in these firms. That’s double their holdings of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, according to figures compiled by economist Edward Wolff of New York University.Reid would pay for Obama’s jobs plan by taxing the people who are supposed to create jobs. Does that make sense?

The backlash against the rich is the start of debate, not the end. Are the rich to be punished for succeeding or merely asked to pay their “fair” share? Who is wealthy or who’s just well-off? Is $250,000 a reasonable cutoff for couples, as Obama once indicated, or has that been repudiated? If taxes do rise, what approach would best preserve incentives for hard work, investment and risk-taking? Are Obama’s assaults on wealthy business leaders just deserts or political cheap shots? However measured, the rich are besieged; the attacks almost certainly will intensify. (原文地址:http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/the-backlash-against-the-rich/2011/10/07/gIQAOcZeYL_story.html?hpid=z1 -翻译硕士真题网注)


Section B Chinese to English

世界上约有200个国家,无论是社会制度、价值观念和发展程度,还是历史传统、宗教信仰和文化背景,都存在着差异。根据本国国情和自己的意愿选择社会制度 和发展道路,是各国人民的主权,别人无权干涉。每个国家和民族都有自己的特点和长处,大家只有彼此尊重,求同存异,和睦相处,互相促进,才能创造百花争 妍、万紫千红的世界。我们大家生活在同一个星球上,因此我们要共同对付人类生存与发展面临的挑战。生态环境恶化,贫困失业,人口膨胀,疾病 流行,毒品泛滥,国际犯罪活动猖獗,以及妇女儿童权益得不到保障等等,都是事关人类生存与发展的全球性问题。发达国家对其在工业化,现代化过程中造成的生 态环境恶化是欠了债的,理所当然地应对环境保护作出更大的贡献。

第二段译文:Since all of us live on the same planet, we need to jointly cope with the challenges facing/confronting the human survival and development. Of the global concerns for human survival and development are the aggravation of the ecological environment, poverty and unemployment, population explosion, the spread of epidemics, the abuse and widespread use of narcotics, the rampant international crimes, and the failure to safeguard the interests of women and children.Since the developed countries owe debts to the ecological deterioration in its industrialization and modernization, they should naturally contribute more to the protection of the environment.

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