I、Translation the following words and phrases into Chinese (共 15 分,共10小题)

1. maintain a good momentum (1.5 分)保持良好势头

2. corporate identity (1.5 分)corporate identity

3. teetering currency ( 1.5 分)货币疲软币值不稳

4. diplomatic rows (1.5 分)外交纠纷

5. Gain on the swings what you lost on the roundabout. (1.5 分)失之东隅,收之桑榆

6. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. (1.5 分) 不要把你所有的鸡蛋放到一个篮子里(不要孤注一掷)

7. iconic imagery (1.5 分)海报?画报形象?

8. multi-disciplined cultural program (1.5 分)多元文化活动

9. conform to the trend of the times (1.5 分)顺应时代潮流

10. comprehensive strength of the city (1.5 分)城市综合实力

II. Translation the following words and phrases into English (共15分,共10小题)

1. 经济增长的亮点(1.5分)a new bright spot of economic growth

2. 产业结构调整(1.5分)industrial restructuring

3. 保护知识产权(1.5分)protect the intellectual property

4. 交通枢纽(1.5分) transport hubs

5. 全球500强企业(1.5分)Global 500 companies

6. 以科技为本的文化(1.5分)technology-based culture

7. 中国科学院(1.5分)Chinese Academy of Sciences

8. 三思而后行。(1.5分) Look before you leap;think twice before doing something

9. 老字号(1.5分)time-honoured brand

10.视觉盛宴(1.5分)Visual Feast

III. Translation the following passages into Chinese (共 60 分,共 2段)(答在试卷上的内容无效):

Passage One

The effect any given televised message has on you is determined in part by your relations with other persons, persons whose acquaintance and opinions you value. In social psychological terms, these persons serve as your psychological reference group. A reference group is any group of persons with whom you share a very personal and defensive sense of belonging. These groups are not necessarily formal organizations (although they can be), and you probably have a number of different reference groups, perhaps even one for each major facet of your life.

The particular reference group that comes into play in any given situation depends on the nature of that situation and on you as an individual. The group can be large, small, inclusive, exclusive, formal or informal. It can be your family, your social club, your religious group, people who live in your neighborhood, your political organization, members or your racial or ethnic group, people in your occupation, your Friday afternoon drinking buddies, or someone you meet at the Laundromat. You adopt the group’s norms —its behaviors, values, priorities —as your own. The group, in turn, reinforces and validates your adopted opinion. ( 30 分)


Passage Two

We believe that the protection of intellectual property rights and particularly copyright is essential to continued innovation and to the development of a robust IT economy including confidence in e-commerce and related services.

It is important to realize that protection of intellectual property rights does not only benefit foreign copyright holders, it is even more important for domestic software companies. // A research office under the Ministry of Information Industry and ChinaComputerworldmagazine recently carried out a joint study of the domestic software industry in China and found that a poll of 80 or so local companies interviewed for the study found that software piracy, including corporate end user piracy, is the number one barrier to the development of the Chinese software industry. // We continue to believe that it is important for the government and private companies to team up in a joint effort to educate the public about the harm that software piracy and other types of piracy does to the Chinese economy every year. It is imperative to carry out widespread and sustained public education campaigns against software piracy. (30 分)(选自 (2000年11月日广东经济发展国际咨询会,美国微软公司副总裁、亚洲区总裁Pieter Knook的演讲“The Software Industry in the Development of Guangdong Province” mtizt.com注)


IV. Translation the following passages into English (共 60分,每段30分)(答在试卷上的内容无效):

Passage One





Passage Two


中国的和平发展道路是一条在维护世界和平中发展自己、又以自身发展促进世界和平的道路;一条统筹国内发展和对外开放的道路;一条勇于参与和平国际竞争又坚持广泛合作的道路。(30分)(选自 《和平、发展 合作─新时期中国外交的旗帜》上海高级口译)


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