I. Translation the following words and phrases into Chinese (共15分,每小题1.5分)

1. a massive undertaking(1 分) 艰巨的任务

2.graphic design (1 分)平面设计;图形设计

3.world tour(1 分) 世界之旅;世界巡回赛;世界巡演

4. spark off (1 分) 引起,激发;导致

5. seismic change(1 分)重大的改变

6. enduring civilization (1 分) 悠久的文明

7. modem metropolis (1 分)现代化国际都市

8. Mount Qomolangma (1 分)珠穆朗玛峰

9. urban tapestry (1 分)都市的繁荣景象

10. cost-effective (1 分)具有成本效益

11. the Deutsche Mark (1 分) 德国马克

12. compensation trading (1 分)补偿贸易

13. compromising the ability (1 分) 损害…能力

14. consultation paper (1 分)咨询文件

15. the growth projection (1 分)增长预测

II. Translation the following words and phrases into English (共15分,共10小题)

1. 城市两极分化(1分)urban polarization

2. 本末倒置(1分)put the cart before the horse

3. 客户经理制(1分)Customer manager system

4. 支柱产业(1分)pillar industry

5. 人类中心主义(1分)anthropocentrism

6. 行政审批(1分)administrative examination and approval;administrative approval

7. 数字分化(1分)digital divide

8.侨乡(1分)home town of overseas Chinese

9.合同外资(1分)contractual foreign investment ; contractual foreign capital

10.亚洲国际都会(1分)Asia’s World City

11.采购全球化(1分)sourcing globalization;ProcurementGlobalization

12.预警机制(1分)early warning mechanism; Early Warning System

13.解决了温饱 (1分)secure adequate food and clothing;solve the problem of food and clothing;

14. 慢性综合疲劳症(1分)Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

15. 削足适履(1分)cut one’s feet to fit the shoes

III. Translation the following passages into Chinese (共 60 分,共 2段)(答在试卷上的内容无效):

Passage One

There never was another part of Paris that he loved like that, the sprawling trees, the old white plastered houses painted brown below, the long green of the autobus in that round square, the purple flower dye upon the paving, the sudden drop down the hill of the rue Cardinal Lemoine to the River, and the other way the narrow crowded world of the rue Mouffetard.

The street that ran up toward the Pantheon and the other that he always took with the bicycle, the only asphalted street in all that quarter, smooth under the tyres, with the high narrow houses and the cheap tall hotel where Paul Verlaine had died. There were only two rooms in the apartments where they lived and he had a room on the top floor of that hotel that cost him sixty francs a month where he did his writing, and from it he could see the roofs and chimney pots and all the hills of Paris. (30 分)(选自The Snows of Kilimanjaro 乞力马加罗的雪 mtizt.com注)


Passage Two

United Airlines, and other carriers, create the Liir bridge that brings people together. We provide the transfer of people, culture, and ideas.Through this transfer of people, culture, ideas — we create economic activity. We are the vehicle that facilitates the commercial activity that drives the growth in this region .United’s service could bring up to 347 passengers a day to Guangzhou and the Pearl Delta region. A study commissioned by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce found that a single international passenger generated U.S. $2,310 in the local community through hotel expenditures, dining and use of local services. That‘s one person. If you multiply the number of passengers United would bring in a day on that Boeing 747 with the economic impact number of $2,310 per passenger, you get over  $800,000 a day in economic impact. We are a vehicle for economic activity. This is the reason that so many cities are developing their airports to make their communities a more attractive center for commerce. The leader of Guangzhou have recognized this and invested in building a new state-of-the-art international airport. (30 分)

IV. Translation the following passages into English (共 60分,每段30分)(答在试卷上的内容无效):

Passage One



Passage Two

去年我们连续召开了两次大型的国际研讨会,向国内能源界代表推广了CDM概念,并组织了国外相关专家实地考察了广东省几个比较有典型代表的节能企业、可再生能源项目等。通过系列研讨会以及现场考察,使国内代表更加了解清洁发展机制带给我们发展中国家的机遇,使国外相关投资机构了解广东省实际情况,为未来执行潜在的CDM项目打下了基础。正如各位所了解的, CDM机制有助于实现全球减排成本的最小化,无论对于发达国家还是发展中国家来说都具有双赢作用,我们希望通过执行CDM项目能够使中国吸引发达国家 的资金和先进技术设备,最终促进中国社会经济和环境的可持续性发展。(30分)


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