I. Phrase Translation

中国特色社会主义 socialism with Chinese characteristics

公民人身权利: rights of citizens

低碳经济: low-carbon economy 

与时俱进: advance with the times ; keep pace with the times

同甘共苦: share weal and woe ; share sb’s joys/happiness and sorrows

优化产业结构: optimize the industrial structure ; modify the industrial structure

国际惯例: international practice

醉驾: drunken driving; Driving under the influence; driving while intoxicated

节能市场机制: market mechanism to promote energy-saving

新兴产业:  emerging industry; sunrise industry

平等互利: equality and mutual benefit

基础设施建设: infrastructure construction

经济发展模式: economic development model; model of economic development

择优录用: appoint people according to their merits; enlist according to merits; be selected on merit

务实合作: practical cooperation; pragmatic cooperation

clean energy: 清洁能源

global climate change: 全球气候变化

demonstration project: 示范项目,示范工程

greenhouse gas emission: 温室气体排放

poverty relief efforts:扶贫;扶贫工作

capacity building: 能力建设;能力建构

exchange of needed goods:互通有无

rule of law: 法治

place of historical interest: 古迹; 名胜古迹

improvement of the people’s livelihood: 改善民生;改善人民生活

incentive policy:激励政策;奖励政策;鼓励性政策

provisional regulation:暂行条例;暂行规章

media publicity:媒体宣传

peaceful co-existence:和平共处

hit-and-run:打了就跑的; 肇事逃逸的;肇事逃逸

II. Passage translation

Section A English to Chinese

Homeownership has let us down. For generations, Americans believed that owning a home was an axiomatic good. Our political leaders hammered home the point. Franklin Roosevelt held that a country of homeowners was “unconquerable.” Homeownership could even, in the words of George H.W. Bush’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Jack Kemp, “save babies, save children, save families and save America.” A house with a front lawn and a picket fence wasn’t just a nice place to live or a risk-free investment; it was a way to transform a nation. No wonder leaders of all political stripes wanted to spend more than $100 billion a year on subsidies and tax breaks to encourage people to buy.

But the dark side of homeownership is now all too apparent: foreclosures and walkaways, neighborhoods plagued by abandoned properties and plummeting home values, a nation in which families have $6 trillion less in housing wealth than they did just three years ago. Indeed, easy lending stimulated by the cult of homeownership may have triggered the financial crisis and led directly to its biggest bailout, that of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Housing remains a drag on the economy. Existing-home sales in July dropped 27% from the prior month, exacerbating fears of a double-dip. And all that is just the obvious tale of a housing bubble and what happened when it popped. The real story is deeper and darker still. (本文选自TIME,双语地址:http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_659795860102v2fk.html 翻译硕士真题网注)

参考译文:现在成为房主的美国人反而感到被拖累。多少代美国人都认为拥有住房是一项值得夸耀的成就。国家的政治领袖也为此平添丰富的政治寓意。富兰克林·罗斯福认为,一个人人皆为房主的国家是不可征服的。前总统老布什政府的住房和城市发展部(Department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD)部长Jack Kemp甚至称,房主能够拯救儿童、家庭,甚至拯救国家。拥有前院草坪和围栏篱笆的一套房屋,不仅是绝佳生活之地和无风险投资,购买住房还是一种引导国家变化的途径。这也就难怪所有政治人物都愿采用各式补贴和税收减免措施,每年拿出1000多亿美元的来鼓励人们购房。


Section B Chinese to English

祥子想找个地方坐下,把前前后后细想一遍,哪怕想完只能哭一场呢,也好知道哭的是 什么;事情变化得太快了,他的脑子已追赶不上。没有地方给他坐,到处是雪。小茶馆们 已都上了门,十点多了;就是开着,他也不肯进去,他愿意找个清静的地方,他知道自己 眼眶中转着的泪水随时可以落下来。

既没地方坐一坐,只好慢慢地走吧;可是,上哪儿去呢?这个银白的世界,没有他坐下 的地方,也没有他的去处;白茫茫的一片,只有饿着肚子的小鸟,与走投无路的人,知道 什么叫作哀叹。

参考译文1:Auspicious son wants to look for a place to sit down, with the ins and outs thin think of one time, what being able to only cry one know crying all right even though wanting to be over is; Thing change has been got very quickly, his brain already has gone after being late for. Without the place, give him a seat , everywhere is snow. Small teahouses already have all have bolted the door, more than 10; Be that he also is unwilling to go in be coming untied,he is ready to look for the quiet place , he knows the tear that self eye socket is transferring can drop off at any time.
Now that have no the local seat , be forced walk slowly bar; Where do but, mount getting rid of woollen cloth? This silvery white world , the place not having him sitting down, neither have his place; Only when boundless white slice, being starving abdomen’s birdie, and the people poor and utterly helpless, know what lets work sigh in sorrow.

参考译文2: Xiangzi wants to find a place to sit down, and think through the whole thing, even if it meant crying for awhile after thinking, at least he’d know what he was crying about; things changed too fast, his brain couldn’t catch up. There was no place to sit, snow was everywhere. Small tea houses were all closed, it was past ten; even if they were open, he wouldn’t go in, he preferred to find a quiet place, he knew the tears rolling in his eyes could fall at any time. Since there was no place to sit, he could only slowly walk; but, to where? This silver world, had no place for him to sit, and no place for him to go; everything was white, only hungry birds, and people with no place to go, know what lament means.

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