I. Phrase Translation

IAEA:国际原子能机构(International Atomic Energy Agency)

UNICEF:联合国儿童基金会(United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund)

Iron-deficiency anemia:缺铁性贫血

sandwich generation:三明治一代(同时扶养与照顾父母和子女的人)

hydrocarbon compounds:碳氢化合物


wind turbine:风力涡轮机;风力发电机

temperate ecosystems:温带生态系统

depleted nuclear fuel



marginal cost:边际成本;边缘费用

discount market:贴现市场

LDC:最不发达国家(Least Developed Countries);欠发达国家(less developed country)

eye candy:有魅力但不聪明的人;中看不中用的东西;养眼花瓶

页岩气:shale gas

居家养老:home-based care for the aged

参政议政:participate in the administration and discussion of state affairs

本币互换协议:currency swap agreement

自主知识产权:proprietary intellectual property rights; Independent Intellectual Property Rights

存款准备金: Deposit Reserve; required reserves

专属经济区: exclusive economic zone

文化逆差: cultural deficit

光伏电池: photovoltaic cell

装机容量: installed capacity

差额选举: competitive election ; multi-candidate election

医药分开: separation between medical and pharmaceutical services

官二代: privileged child; the children of powerful officials

屌丝: Loser; Dios

打酱油:It’s none of my business./I am just a passer-by.

II. Passage translation

Text A

The conifer hedges in front of J. K. Rowling’s seventeenth-century house, in Edinburgh, are about twenty feet tall. They reach higher than the street lamps in front of them, and evoke the entrance to the spiteful maze in the film adaptation of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” the fourth volume of her fantasy series. Rowling, who, at forty-seven, is about to publish her first novel for adults—it is set in a contemporary Britain familiar with Jay-Z and online pornography, but is shaded with memories of her own, quite cheerless upbringing—lives here with her second husband, Neil Murray, a doctor, and their children. She has a reputation for reserve: for being likable but shy and thin-skinned, and not at all comfortable with the personal impact of having created a modern myth, sold four hundred and fifty million books, and inspired more than six hundred thousand pieces of Harry Potter fan fiction, a total that increases by at least a thousand stories a week.

Text B

China’s programmes for addressing climate change domestically through its 12th Five-Year Plan are impressive. Accelerating progress on the low-carbon economy has worked in China’s favour as it has become a global leader in wind and solar power manufacturing. The cliché that “when China sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold” can also be turned on its head. When China makes up its mind to lead, the rest of the world follows suit.

Doha matters because the UNFCCC international climate negotiations are an important channel through which China can help shape the global development model in ways that re-enforce its low carbon economy. Europe is the largest market for Chinese solar power, but its internal negotiations on ramping up climate-change ambition – and therefore creating a larger market for Chinese goods – are being delayed by uncertainty over progress on a global climate regime.

While Doha will not be the ambitious meeting the climate crisis requires, it will nonetheless be important for building momentum towards a comprehensive agreement in 2015. China’s role in ensuring we do not renegotiate the Durban agreement will be essential to limiting climate risks in China and maintaining the drive towards a low carbon economy which China has so heavily invested in both financially and politically.

Text C


Text D






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