I. Translate the following terms into Chinese (15 points, 1 point each)

UNDP:联合国开发计划署(United Nations Development Programme)

OECD countries:经济合作及发展组织国家 (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)

bailout loan:救济融资;拯救性贷款;救济融资

EBITA:税息折旧及摊销前利润(earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization)

venture capital


carbon footprint

forensic medicine:法医学

key encryption technology

United Arab Emirates

Extradition treaty:引渡条约

seismic monitoring

flip phone


II.    Translate the following terms into English (15 points, 1 point each)

大部制:Giant department

石油输出国组织:OPEC(Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries)




计划免疫:planned immunization ; planned immunity





土地承载力:land carrying capacity; land bearing capacity

小产权房:houses with limited property rights

土豪:local bully;local tyrant;local lord

乳清蛋白:whey protein;lactalbumin

经济适用男:budget husband; economical-and-applicable man

III.    Translate the following passages into Chinese (60 points):

1. Never before had the world such a tremendous scientific-technical potential, such a capacity to generate wealth and well-being. Authentic technological wonders that have made any place in the world to be always close with regard to distances and communications and have not been capable of bringing well-being for everybody, but only for a meager 15% living in the countries of the North. The abysm between North and South is now so huge, that the unsustainability of the current economic order and the blindness of the people who try to justify continuing to enjoy opulence and waste, are evident.

The great possibilities that a globalization of solidarity and true cooperation could bring to all people in the world through the scientific-technical wonders, has been reduced by the neo-liberal model to this grotesque caricature full of exploitation and social injustice.

We were asked to be ultraliberal in trade and to lift any barrier, which may obstruct the imports coming from the North, but the oral champions of free trade actually are the champions in the praxis of protectionism. The North spends 1 billion dollars a day in practicing what has been banned from doing, that is, subsidizing inefficient products. Today, vis-á-vis the obvious failure of neoliberalism and the great threat that the International Economic Order represents for our countries, it is necessary to retake the Spirit of the South by forming an aliance among ourselves.

2, After months of speculation, he final 22,000-character overview of China’s “third plenum” was published on November 15th. In the economic sphere the document turned out to be bolder than the initial summary suggested, but the document’s interest lies not just in the economic reforms, which were anticipated. More striking were some of the social changes the document announced, such as the relaxation of the one-child policy. A couple in which one parent is an only child will be allowed to have two children,and the policy is likely to be loosened even further In another widely welcomed move, labour camps are to be abolished.

But possibly the most important announcements were buried deep in the document and grabbed fewer headlines. Two moves in particular, namely allowing the development of “social organisations” or NGOs in essence and the separation judicial jurisdiction systems from administrative areas,showed that the party is sensitive to the ferment in Chinese society and the demands for greater liberty and accountability that accompany it.That these two gestures towards reform were mentioned at all is encouraging, and the  world is keen to know whether Chinese leadership will honor their words in the plenary document that they “dare to gnaw through even tough bones, dare to ford dangerous rapids,break through the fetters of ideological concepts with even greater resolution.”

IV. Translate the following passages into English (60 points):

1.近年来,海淀区围绕高新技术产业的技术创新和公共科技服务需求,加速各 种创新要素的聚集,不断完善科技服务业,基本形成了研发设计、成果转移转化、 创新创业、科技金融和科技咨询等科技服务业的完整链条,有效的促进了科技成 果的转化和产业化。主要概括为“五化”。一、发挥科技资源密集的优势,以企 业为主体,以市场为导向,政产学研协同创新;二、鼓励和引导高校和科研院所 通过技术转移中心和产业技术研究院的平台开展科技成果转化;三、培育和支持 高新技术产业创新、创业服务新业态的发展,推动投资主体多元化、运行机制多 样化的孵化器建设;四、进一步推动设立科技金融专营机构,集中力量聚焦战略 性新兴产业领域,为轻资产的软件和信息服务等科技型企业提供全链条的金融支 持;五、鼓励知识产权代理机构、信息咨询公司、会计事务所、法律事务所、投 资和管理咨询等专业服务机构为科技型企业提供支持,推动其创新发展。

2,中华的宇宙观“天人合一”见诸于文学是“物我交融”,主要理法是“比兴”。见诸于绘画是“贵在似与不似之间”,主要理法是“外师造化,内得心源”。在诗画历史 影响下的中国园林,追求的境界就必然是“虽由人作,宛自天开。”主要理法是由“比兴”衍生的“借景”。设计序列为明旨一立意一相地一布局一理微一余韵。在“人与天调”前提下肯定人的主观能动性,“人杰地灵”、“景物因人成胜概”。凡风景 必名胜是中国风景名胜区的特色。



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