1) Neet: 啃老族(Not in Education,Employment or Trainning)

2) global warming: 全球变暖

3) unfriend: 解除好友关系 

4) APEC Summit: 亚太经合组织峰会

5) the A(H1N1) virus: 甲型H1N1病毒

6) Arbor Day:(美国、澳大利亚、新西兰等国的)植树节

7 ) the in-thing:流行事物

8 ) somebody’s cup of tea:指合乎某人喜好的活动或感兴趣的事情

9) infortainment: 信息娱乐化 (由information和entertainment两个单词组合而成,意为“新闻娱乐化”)

10) average Joe: 普通人

11) moon away: 虚度时光

12) put two and two together: 根据事实推理

13) give the floor to: 让某人讲话

14) disposable chopsticks: 一次性筷子

15) scrap-newspaper: 可回收的旧报纸


1)知识产权: intellectual property rights

2)中国最适合居住的十大城市: Top 10 livable cities in China 2013

3)盗版软件:Software piracy;  pirated software

4)产能过剩:overcapacity; excess (production) capacity

5)晚婚晚育: late marriage and late childbirth

6)战国时期:  the Warring States Period

7)打造国际知名品牌: create  international famous/well-known brands; Make International renowned Brand

8)海洋科学研究所: Institute of Marine Sciences

9)安全饮用水: safe drinking water

10)农民工:migrant workers

11)暗箱操作:Black Case Work;backroom deal; under the table

12)老人节: double ninth festival;  Senior Citizens’ Festival; Festival for the Elderly

13)科幻小说: scientific fiction

14)万有引力定律: the law of gravity;  the law of universal gravitation

15)前苏联:  former Soviet Union


Today, I will focus on one major impact of the current financial crisis on Asia-Pacific, that is, the decline in domestic demand. Particularly, I want to talk about the factors leading to declines in domestic demand.

Equity markers in developing countries around the world have suffered large decreases in value since mid-September 2008, reflecting a global credit crunch and a worldwide flight to safety among investors.

These declines are expected to cause a number of effects that will dampen domestic demand, especially personal consumption and corporate investments. Although equity market investments only constitute a small percentage of overall household wealth and equity financing consists of relatively a small portion of corporate investment in Asia-Pacific as compared with developed countries, the declines will affect the more advanced economies of the region, such as the Republic of Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong of China.

Secondly, declines in property markets will further dampen domestic demand. The reduction in housing prices will have an effect on real estate investments, which have played a particularly important role in the growth of domestic demand in a number of countries—most notably in China, where the property sector accounts for about one quarter of all investment.

Private consumption will also be affected by the fall in property prices, particularly in the more advanced economies in the region, where property assets account for a more significant portion of household wealth.

Thirdly, reduced bank lending is the most significant factor curtailing corporate activity and domestic demand.

The concern here is that an increase in non-performing loans will result in greater restraints on and a reduction in new lending, leading to possible higher costs for new borrowers. Increased borrowing costs may in turn add further pressures resulting in a greater number of corporate defaults.

参考译文:今天我主要谈一下内需下降的问题这是此次亚太地区金融危机带来的主要影响。我主 要想谈一下内需下滑的成因。

2008 年九月中旬以来世界范围内的发展中国家证券市场的市值都大幅缩水这反映 出全球性的信贷紧张投资人纷纷撤离资金以求自保。

证券市场的低迷也会影响内需个人消费和企业投资都会减少。虽然在发展中国家个人 和机构在证券市场的投资比重比在发达国家小 但该市场的不景气会影响到该地区内一些较 发达的经济体例如韩国、新加坡以及中国香港。

其次房地产市场的低迷会进一步减少内需。房价下跌将影响房地产业的投资而在该领 域的投资对于一些发展中国家内部需求的增长具有重要的拉动意义。 中国就是一个明显的例 子其房地产的投资占国内总投资的 1/4。 由于房价的下跌个人特别是在房屋上投资较多的个人将减少消费。


需要注意的是不良贷款的增加会使银行收紧信贷 会使贷款的成本上升 进而增加公司的 压力甚至导致更多的不良贷款。



参考译文:The topic of my speech today is “The role of Christianity in the Development of western Democracy and Politics”. I hold the view that western democracy and politics come into being and develop within the context of its own culture. Religion, especially Christianity, has been playing a unique and complicated role. Generally speaking, official doctrines in Christianity do not emphasize on revolution. However, its preach for equality and rule by law played a positive role in history. Being reformed and utilized by democratic revolutionists, it inspires people to fight against feudal tyranny and in turn safeguards their freedom. In addition, different branches of Christianity, namely Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox and Protestantism play different roles in the advancement of modern democracy. Different cultures also lead to different types of democracies among western countries.

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