I、Directions: Translate the following words, abbreviations or terminology into their target languages respectively。(30 points, 1 point for each)

1.CPI:居民消费价格指数(Consumer Price Index)

2.NATO:北约北大西洋公约组织(North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

3.PPT (以电脑业术语翻译):幻灯片;演示文稿;微软演示文稿文件(Power Point)

4.UNESCO:联合国教科文组织(United Nations Educational,Scientific,and Cultural Organization)

5.PPI:生产者物价指数(Producer Price Index)

6.FBI:美国联邦调查局(Federal Bureau of Investigation)

7.CDMA:码分多址(Code Division Multiple Access)

8.high five:举手击掌;相互高举胳膊击掌(以示庆祝或高兴)


10.WHO:世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)

11.social network:社交网络




15.World Cup soccer in South Africa:南非世界杯

16.产品召回:Product Recall

17.金融海啸:financial tsunami; financial crisis; financial turmoil

18.职业病:occupational disease

19.鸟巢:Bird’s Nest

20.社会治安:public security;public order

21.文化扶贫计划:Culture-aid Program

22全球通货紧缩:global deflation

23.信访办:Complaints office

24.全国重点文化保护单位:important heritage site under state protection; major historical and cultural site protected at the national level


26.科学发展观:Scientific Outlook on Development

27.境外游客退税:Refunds for  overseas tourists

28.离岛免税;offshore duty-free (policy )

29.超国民待遇:Super-national Treatment

30.票贩子:ticket scalper

II Directions: Translate the following two source texts into their target languages respectively. If the source text is in English, its target languages is Chinese , If the source text is in Chinese, its target languages is English. (120 points, 60 points for each text)

Source Text 1:

There was really nothing more to do in the vicinity of Marksville than in the neighborhood of his own small farm; but Elvina would not be down there, nor Amaranthe, nor any of Ma’me Valtour’s daughters to harass him with doubt, to torture him with indecision, to turn his very soul into a weather-cock for love’s fair winds to play with.

Telesphore at twenty-eight had long felt the need of a wife. His home without one was like an empty temple in which there is no altar, no offering. So keenly did he realize the necessity that a dozen times at least during the past year he had been on the point of proposing marriage to almost as many different young women of the neighborhood. Therein lay the difficulty, the trouble which Telesphore experienced in making up his mind. Elvina’s eyes were beautiful and had often tempted him to the verge of a declaration. But her skin was over swarthy(黑黝黝的)for a wife; and her movements were slow and heavy; he doubted she had Indian blood, and we all know what Indian blood is for treachery (背叛).Amaranthe presented in her person none of these obstacles to matrimony (婚姻).If her eyes were not so handsome as Elvina’s, her skin was fine, and being slender to a fault, she moved swiftly about her household affairs, or when she walked the country lanes in going to church or to the store. Telesphore had once reached the point of believing that Amaranthe would make him an excellent wife. He had even started out one day with the intention of declaring himself, when, as the god of chance would have it, Ma’me Valtour espied him passing in the road and enticed him to enter and partake of coffee and “baignes.” He would have been a man of stone to have resisted, or to have remained insensible to the charms and accomplishments of the Valtour girls. Finally there was Ganache’s widow, seductive rather than handsome, with a good bit of property in her own right. While Telesphore was considering his chances of happiness or even success with Ganache’s widow, she married a younger man.

From these embarrassing conditions, Telesphore sometimes felt himself forced to escape; to change his environment for a day or two and thereby gain a few new insights by shifting his point of view. (391 words)(选自A Night in Acadie《在阿卡迪亚的一夜》by Kate Chopin(1851-1904) mtizt.com注)

Source Text2:

千方百计增加就业是政府的重要职责。今年的预期目标是,新增城镇就业900万人,下岗失 业人员再就业500万人。继续实施积极的就业政策,特别要把财政、信贷支持和税费减免等 政策真正落到实处。今年中央财政预算安排再就业补助资金83亿元,比去年增加36亿元。 要拓展就业渠道,注重发展劳动密集型产业、中小企业和非公有制经济,推行灵活多样的就 业方式,鼓励自主创业和自谋职业。要健全再就业援助制度,政府出资开发的公益性岗位要 优先安置就业困难人员。支持国有大中型企业通过主辅分离、辅业改制,分流安置富余人员。 要重点做好老工业基地、资源枯竭城市和独立工矿区以及军工、煤炭、森工等行业下岗失业 人员的再就业工作。完善就业服务体系,加强就业技能培训、职业介绍和就业指导。今年仍 是高校毕业生就业高峰年,退役军人安置任务也很重,要认真做好就业指导和服务工作。(357 words)(选自2004年政府工作报告 mtizt.com注)