I. Directions: Translate the following words, abbreviations or terminology into their target language respectively.(30 points)

1. CPPCC:中国人民政治协商会议(Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference)

2. ASEAN: 东南亚国家联盟(东盟)(Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

3. UESTC:电子科技大学(University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

4. IOC:国际奥委会(International Olympic Committee)

5.functional equivalence:功能对等

6. e.g.:举例来说;例如

7.TPP:跨太平洋伙伴关系协议 (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement)

8. FOB:离岸价(free on board);离岸价格

9.International Monetary Foundation:国际货币基金组织

10.DCE:Data Communications Equipment(数据通信设备)

11. MOOCs:慕课 ;大规模开放的在线课程(Massive Open Online Course)

12. Made in China 2025 strategy:中国制造2025国家战略

13. Internet Plus Action Plan:“互联网+”行动计划

14. Power is not to be used arbitrarily:有权不可任性

15. telepresence:远程监控;远程呈现;网真

16. “一带一路”:One Belt One Road/The Belt and Road Initiative

17. 孔子学院:Confucius Institute

18. 线上线下一体:O2O(Online to Offline)

19. 数字数据网:digital data network

20. 引渡条约:extradition treaty

21. 万人迷:Mack daddy

22.土豪:tuhao;rich rednecks;Beijing Hillbillies

23. 经济实用男:budget husband

24. 通识教育:general education;liberal education

25.自主创新能力:capability of independent innovation

26.真人秀:reality show

27.和而不同:harmony in diversity; harmony without uniformity

28.绿色国民经济:green national economy

29.风险投资:venture capital

30.知足常乐:content is happiness;A man who is contented will be happy.

II. Directions: Translate the following four source texts into their target language respectively. If the source text is in English, its target language is Chinese. If the source text is in Chinese, its target language is English. (120 points)

Source Test 1 (30points)

The Beautiful Peach (译自《诗经•国风》)

The peach tree stands wayside,

With blossoms glowing pink,

I wish the pretty bride

Affluence in food and drink.

The peach tree stands wayside,

With fruits banging rife.

I wish the pretty bride Abundant wealth in life.

The peach tree stands wayside,

With leaves thick and dense.

I wish the pretty bride

A pleasant home e’er hence.




Source Text 2 ( 30 points )

Indeed, for a living thing there is no such thing as true silence, for silence itself is a revelation of the mind and the heart an echo of the soul of a different form.

Some people use silence as a disguise of the emptiness of the head. Some use it as a means to depict their disorientation and melancholy. And some use it as a way of expressing their angers and sorrows.

Silence usually is ephemeral. It reminds one of the bronze bells dangling from a

pagoda’s eaves; on windless days they are a decoration upon the age-weathered beauty, but with wind they give out wonderful tinkling and jingling metallurgic sounds, as if echoing age-old stories of long, long ago.

Do you think the same of the silent people?

They say that “silence is golden”, but of what nature is this “gold”? It can include integrity, honesty and kindness; it can stand for indifference to and detachment from fame and fortune; but it can also act as an excuse for hypocrisy, slyness and cowardice… the glittering of gold may not necessarily be the most brilliant luster in the world. Can it be that permanent silence is only represented by death?

Perhaps even death cannot represent true silence, for the carrier of the soul can turn into dust, so that the sincere and wise voices from the bottom of the heart will trigger long-lasting echoes in the seas of human hearts.(选自英语哲理美文欣赏:Silence 沉默  mtizt.com注)


Source Text 3 ( 30 points )

面对当前错综复杂的国际形势,中国将一如既往坚持走和平发展道路,坚持与邻为善、 以邻为伴的周边外交方针,与各国一道促进地区和平与繁荣。今年以来,我们坚持稳中求进、 稳中有为,通过深化改革、调整结构,使中国经济呈现稳中向好的走势,市场和社会对未来 发展的预期稳定向上。我们不仅有能力完成今年经济社会发展预期目标,而且有条件实现今 后经济持续健康发展,这将为泰国等东南亚国家提供更多的发展机遇。

中泰合作进入发展快车道,中泰友谊已溶进两国人民的血脉,深入到民间交往的各个方 面。我相信,随着两国交往更加紧密,中泰睦邻友好将像长江和湄南河一样川流不息、奔腾 向前,中泰全面互利合作必将奏响更加美好动人的新华章!中泰两国一定会“亲上加亲”。(原文出自李克强在泰囯囯会演讲 mtizt.com注)


Source Text 4 ( 30 points )

三年前在南京我住的地方有一道后门,每晚我打开后门,便看见一个寂静的夜。下面是 一片菜园,上面是群星密布的蓝天。星光在我们的肉眼里虽然微笑,然而它使我们觉得光明 无处不在。那时候我正在读一些关于天文学的书,也认得一些星星,好像它们是我的朋友, 它们常常在和我谈话一样。(源自巴金《繁星》)




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