I. Directions: Translate the following words, abbreviations or terminology into their target languages respectively.  (30′)

1. to keep abreast of the public feelings:了解民情

2. the proceeds of/from the sports lottery:体育彩票的收入

3.UNESCO: 联合国教科文组织(United Nations Educational,Scientific,and Cultural Organization)

4.paid-maternity leave:带薪产假

5 . Book of Changes:易经

6. poverty alleviation fund:扶贫基金

7. to separate medical care from pharmaceuticals:医药分开

8. the catering trade:餐饮业

9. to open securities brokerage services:外证券经纪服务

10. carrier rocket:运载火箭

11.stock exchange:证券交易所;股票交易所

12. health care:医疗保健;医疗卫生;卫生保健

13. to resort to force:诉诸武力

14.measure of expediency:权宜之策

15. print media:平面媒体;印刷媒体

16.人民大会堂:Great Hall of the People

17.举国体制:the whole nation system;Nationwide system

18.自学成才:become talented through self-study

19.基层医务工作者: Grassroots Medical Workers

20.重阳节:.the Double Ninth Festival


22.出土文物: unearthed cultural relics

23.农药残留:pesticide residue

24. 自负盈亏:assume sole responsibility for one’s own profits or losses;be responsible for one’s own profit and loss; Self-financing

25.外资企业:foreign-funded enterprise; foreign-invested enterprise

26.自留地:Private plots

27.世界贸易组织总干事:Director-General of the World Trade Organization

28.动物克隆:Animal Cloning

29.第三产业:tertiary industry

30. 国务院机构改革:the reform of state council institutions; institutional reforms of the State Council

II.Translate the following two source texts into their target language respectively.

Source Text 1(20 points)

1949 年以前,中国的工业基础十分薄弱。除沿海有一些轻工业意外,几乎没有什么重工业。而轻工业的大 多数原料也得从国外进口。至于重工业,也只能搞些装配和修理业务。





Source Text 2(20 points)

科学家警告说全球会给地球带来灾难性的变化。气象学家首次正式发出警告, 全球变暖会蛤地球带来灾难性的、 不可逆转的变化, 在地球上的这些基本变化被砰学家称之为 “气候惊变”。 科学家们意识到地球很可能会对温室效应做出反应, 可能是一些让人难以预料的突发状况。很多变化己经开始了。未来的一个世纪将会有大量的冰川融化, 有恶劣的干旱和蚊子传播的一些疾病, 粮食产量下降,生态系统崩溃,沼海洪水泛滥。即使海拔不升高,科学家警告说,在未来的80年里,将有2亿人要面临沿海风暴带来的洪水。但也有人反对这种科学预测,因为整个宇宙的环境十分复杂,人们不应该只考虑单一因素,而忽略整体、复杂的各种交互因最后可能给人类地球及周边环境带来的影响。

Source Text 3(20 points)

提起东盟国家,我就想起去年在东盟会议上,马哈蒂尔先生和吴作栋先生曾经形象地把中国比喻成一个友好的“大象”。他们说,中国的崛起不会对其他国家存在任何威胁。中国有5000年的文明史,有过辉煌的过去,也有过屈辱的往事。中国的崛起是多少代中国人的梦想。中国和平崛起的要义是:第一,中国的崛起就是要充分利用世界和平的大好时机,努力发展和壮大自己。同时又以自己的发展,维护世界和平。第二,中国的崛起应把基点主要放在自己的力量上,独立自主、自力更生,依靠广阔的国内市场、充足的劳动力资源和雄厚的资金积累,以及改革带来的机制创新。第三,中国的崛起离不开世界。中国必须坚持对外开放的政策,在平等互利的基础上,同世界一切友好国家发展经贸关系。第四,中国的崛起需要很长的时间,恐怕要多少代人的努力奋斗。第五,中国的崛起不会妨碍任何人,也不会威胁任何人。中国现在不称霸,将来即使强大了也永远不会称霸。(选自2004年3月温家宝总理会见中外记者答问全 mtizt.com注)


Source Text 4(20 points)

In the 21st century, your generation must make it your mission to ensure that today’s progress does not come at tomorrow’s expense. China’s remarkable growth in the last two decades has come with a toxic cost, pollutants that foul the water you drink and the air you breathe — the cost is not only environmental, it is also serious in terms of the health consequences of your people and in terms of the drag on economic growth.

Environmental problems are also increasingly global as well as national. For example, in the near future, if present energy use patterns persist, China will overtake the United States as the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, the gases which are the principal cause of global warming. If the nations of the world do not reduce the gases which are causing global warming, sometime in the next century there is a serious risk of dramatic changes in climate which will change the way we live and the way we work, which could literally bury some island nations under mountains of water and undermine the economic and social fabric of nations.

We must work together. We Americans know from our own experience that it is possible to grow an economy while improving the environment. We must do that together for ourselves and for the world.

Building on the work that our Vice President, Al Gore, has done previously with the Chinese government, President Jiang and I are working together on ways to bring American clean energy technology to help improve air quality and grow the Chinese economy at the same time.(选自 克林顿在北京大学的英文演讲稿 mtizt.com注)


Source Text 5(20 points)

For World women’s team champions China are draw with Lithuania and Canada in the preliminary round of the world table tennis championships starting inQsaka onApril 23.The Chinese women,featuring dual world and Qlympic individual champion Wang Nan and her doubles partner Li Ju,are on a quest for a fifth straight and 14th overall team title.China who first took the title in1965,have dominated the event since 1975.They have won 12 out of 13 championships with the only defeat in1991,when the republic of Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea formed a unified team to the wrest the title.In the men’s competition,world men’s team champions Sweden, led by Jan-Ove Waldner, are drawn with Demark and Belarus.Sweden has shared the team title with China in the past 100 championships. The Chinese have won 12 times overall.Their strong squad,which is drawn with Yugoslavia and Russia,includes world No. 1 Wang liqing,Sydney Qlypic champion Kong Linghui, World Cup holder Ma Lin, and Atlanta Qlympic champion Liu Guoliang.

Source Text 6(20 points)

In less than a quarter century China has become an international symbol of economic success and has delivered proof that empowering individual initiative in an appropriate institutional and economic environment can achieve fast and enduring economic and social progress.

China’s experience has indeed become a source of inspiration to much of the developing world, keen to emulate China’s remarkable performance. With an astounding 8 per cent growth per annum over the past 2 decades, representing a doubling of production every 10 years, China ranks among top growth performers of the world economic history. Its reserves, now about $400 billion, are the second largest in the world after Japan, and are insulating it from major fluctuations in global economic activity, while at the same time they help to guarantee the feasibility of further reforms. Such reserves were accumulated thanks to a bold strategy of opening up to the world economy.

At the global level, this has undoubtedly been the single most important contribution to the reduction in world poverty in the last quarter century.(选自 Transition of China’s Northeast: the Need for Combining Regional and National Policies  mtizt.com注)





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