Part One Word Translation Directions :In this part ,there are 30 questions . .

Section A: English -Chinese Translation (15 questions ,1point for each question, Time limit: 30minutes)

1. CPPCC:中国人民政治协商会议

2. CATTI:全国翻译资格资格考试

3. MTI :翻译硕士

4. CAT:计算机辅助翻译

5. CBD:中央商务区

6. IMF:国际货币基金组织

7. NAFTA:北美自由贸易协定

8. IOT:物联网

9. GPS:  全球定位系统

10. UNGA: 联合国大会    (15 questions ,1point for

11. Functional Equivalence:功能对等

12.international practice:国际惯例

13. compound growth rate:  复合增长率

14. sustainable development:可持续发展

15. cloud computing:云计算

Section B: Chinese-English translation each question, Time limit: 30minutes)

16. 文化外交:cultural diplomacy

17. 最惠国待遇:most favored nation treatment

18. 问题产品召回: problems products recall

19. 粗放型增长方式:extensive mode of growth

20. 冲动性购买:impulse buying

21. 世界多极化:world multipolarization

22. 翻译主体:translation subject

23. 本地化行业:localization industry

24. 外国直接投资:foreign direct investment

25. 服务外包: service outsourcing

26. 谅解备忘录: MOU(memorandum of understanding)

27. 翻译腔: translationese

28. 视觉艺术:visual art

29. 创意型产业 :creative industry

30. 公务员 civil servant

Part Two Passage Translation Directions :In this part, there are 3 short passages. Please translate the passages into the target language. Write your answer on the ANSWER SHEET.

Section A. English -Chinese translation (1 short passage,60 points. Time limit :60minutes)

Education is the most fundamental of all undertaking for a nation’s rejuvenation and development. Just as a Chinese wise man f yore put it, “Respecting education and persuading people to learn are fundamental to the building of a nation; promoting virtue and nurturing talent are foremost tasks of government.” China’s fast growth over the last 30 or so years would not have happened without the support of education. China’s future hinges on talents, and the basis of its development rests with education. That is why we have adopted a strategy to rejuvenate the nation through science and education, and always put a premium on education development. The supreme hall of education ,the university is a platform for grooming innovative talents, a cradle for new knowledge, new ideas and new science and technology , and a spiritual home for the survival and development of humanity. In the face of the new tendency in global socioeconomic development, of the new tasks for the Chinese modernization drive, and of the new trend in which diverse civilization seek to live in the harmony, our universities have taken it upon themselves an unprecedented mission that is at once noble and historical . In the ten years we shall strive to develop world-class modern higher education in a distinctly Chinese way ; we shall promote innovation in our school–running concept ,mode of education and institutional mechanism; optimize the structure and increase investment to build vast contingents of top-notch teacher s; and we shall enable our universities’ three major functions—talent cultivation, scientific research and service —to promote and supplement each other, and boost education quality in an all-round way.

参考译文:教育是一个国家和民族振兴发展最根本的事业。中国先贤曾说,“敬教劝学,建国之大本;兴贤育才,为政之先务”。过去 30 年中国快速发展离不开教育的支撑,决定中国未来发展的关键在人 才,基础还是在教育。正因如此,中国确立了科教兴国战略,始终把 教育放在优先发展的地位。大学作为教育事业的最高殿堂,是培育创 新人才的高地,是新知识、新思想、新科技诞生的摇篮,是人类生存 与发展的精神家园。面对世界经济社会发展的新趋势、中国现代化建 设的新任务、人类多样文明和谐共生的新潮流,大学在引领未来中承 担着前所未有的崇高使命和历史重任。为此,在未来十年里,我们确 立建设中国特色、世界水平现代高等教育的努力方向,将推进办学理 念、培养模式和体制机制创新,优化结构,加大投入,建设高水平教 师团队, 推动大学人才培养、 科学研究和社会服务三大功能相互促进、 相得益彰,全面提高教育质量。

Section B: Chinese-English translation (2 short passage, 60 points. Time limit 60 minutes)

Passage One

中国是由五十六个民族组成的大家庭。从遥远的古代起,各族人 民就建立了紧密的政治经济文化联系,共同开发了祖国的山河,两千 多年前就形成了幅员广阔的统一国家。悠久的中华文化,成为维系民 族团结和国家统一的牢固纽带。团结统一,深深印在中国人民的民族 意识里。

参考译文:The Chinese nation is a family made up of 56 ethnic groups.From distant ancient times, people of all ethnic groups in China have established close political, economic and cultural ties, joint development of the motherland and rivers, more than 2000 years ago, forming a vast unified country.A long tradition of Chinese culture, becoming a strong bond for ethnic harmony and national unity.Unity, firmly embedded in the national consciousness of the Chinese people.

Passage Two

意大利著名旅行家马可波罗曾这样描述他印象中的杭州: “这是 世界上最美妙迷人的城市,它使人觉得自己是在天堂。”在中国,也 流传着这样的话;“上有天堂,下有苏杭。”杭州的名气主要在于风 景如画的西湖。 西湖一年四季都美不胜收, 宋代著名诗人苏东坡用 “浓 妆淡抹总相宜” 的诗句来赞美西湖。 在杭州, 您可以饱览西湖的景色, 也不妨街头闹市,品产一下杭州的名菜名点。还可以购上几样明土特 产。

参考译文:Italy famous traveler Marco Polo once described Hangzhou in his mind:”this is the most fascinating city in the world,it makes people feel in heaven.” In China,there have been such words:”there is heaven,there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth.” Hangzhou was famous for picturesque West Lake.West Lake is beautiful all the year round,the famous Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo in”Always charming with either light or heavy makeup.” the poem to praise West Lake.In Hangzhou,you can enjoy the beauty of West Lake,may also wish to stroll along the busy streets,a taste of Hangzhou dishes point,also can buy some special local products.



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